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High idle problem- There is a setscrew at the back of the throttle body that adjust idle basic idle. there is not really an idle control motor per say. there is a valve that turns on and lets air through it and thus adjusting idle. setting idle is kind of a big job. i would suggest getting a Bentley manual. they are a bit expensive but A MUST HAVE IF YOU ARE GOING TO FIX YOUR OWN CAR!!!

other high idle causes-
Vacuum leaks- check all the hoses that come off the intake manifold to what ever component they go to. I like to spray brake cleaner over the hoses the idle should smooth out when you hit a leak. another common problem with 8v's is the auxiliary air regulator it is behind the intake manifold on the left side. this allows the engine to idle faster while in its warm up cycle it should get hot and close up if it does not close it will cause the engine to idle fast. use a vise grips or something similar to pinch off the hose that goes into the intake manifold from the air regulator.

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What should you do if you replaced brake pads and calibrators and still severe vibration occurs?

You should have your rotors checked and possibly turned or replaced as necessary You should have your rotors checked and possibly turned or replaced as necessary

My 1989 jeep wrangler turns over but does not start and the coils have been replaced and the wiring has been checked.?

The timing or crankcase sensor needs to be checked and most likely replaced.

Why does your coolant light in your 2000 Chevy pickup keep coming on even after you have had it checked and there was no problem?

The sensor may be defective/broken. I would have that checked or replaced.

Location of camshaft sensor on 4.7 dodge ram 1500 2003?

I've checked a couple of search engines and they all have a different answer to this question. By this count I'll have replaced every sensor on my truck. Come on now does anybody have the actual location? It is under the front of the passenger side cylinder head.

Replaced new washer pump and it still not working for a wrangler?

If a washer pump was replaced on a Jeep Wrangler and is still not working the fuses should be checked. The washer switch should also be checked as it could also be causing the pump not to work.

Why would thermostat on 1994 dodge Dakota leak after being replaced?

Was the gasket replaced? Have you checked the hose and the heater core. Is everything tightened down?

97 Ford F150 you hear clicking when you try to start it Battery checked good starter solenoid replaced ground wire replaced rebuilt starter and checked good What else can be wrong?

battery need to be at lease 14 volts to be able to start

What should be replaced when in 2007 Mercedes e350 when the breakpad wear indicator is on?

Break pads should be checked if not replaced. Check condition of rotors at the same time.

How do you know if the starter needs to be replaced on a 1996 Ford Fiesta Frascati and how do you replace it?

Hey Hatim==Take it to Aauto Zone and have it checked out GoodluckJoe Take it to Auto Zone and have it checked out.

Kia sportage runs rough with rotten egg smell?

Catalytic Converter ... needs to be checked and/or replaced.

What is the network name for an iPod touch?

I checked. It says name'sIpod Name is replaced by the name you registered the account!

Why is tire light on when reset and tires replaced?

This happened to me once - - have you checked the air pressure in the spare tire?

Why does my drivers headlight not work on your 97 expedition already replaced the bulb and checked the fuses?

You have a broken wire.

Why won't your vw passat start?

I checked fuses and replaced blown fuses and now it won't start.

94 AEROSTAR no headlights I replaced the headlight switch no help checked the bulbs checked good checked the fusible link on the stater relay but there was no fuse in the harness now where do i go?

I would go to the high beam switch next (test not replace)

How do you know when your transmission needs replaced?

After having it checked by a competent, reliable mechanic. A rather endangered species these days.

Replaced fuel pump does not start and cant hear the fuel pump hum?

have you checked the fuel pump relay

You replaced your alternator but your car still lost power?

Have the battery checked out. It may have a dead cell and not holding a charge,

You have coolant getting into your oil how?

You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. STOP driving this car immediately or you will do serious damage to the engine. It will need the gasket replaced and the head checked.You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. STOP driving this car immediately or you will do serious damage to the engine. It will need the gasket replaced and the head checked.

Your power steering pump is leaking and you replaced the pump what do you do its a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

Have you checked the power steering pressure line?

Your brakes feel like they are pulling?

If your brakes feel like they are pulling you should get them checked out. These brakes may need to be replaced.

While drivingvoltage light comes on car dies?

There is something wrong with charging system. Have the alternator checked and replaced if necessary.

When does timing belt need to be replaced on 2003 volkswagen jetta?

60,000 miles you should have it checked to see if it needs replacing.

Why won't Fan to cool engine work?

Have the fan motor checked to see if it's getting power. If not,then it will need to be replaced.

My 98 Chevy Cavalier has no drl low beam headlights but the high beams work I checked the wiring to the headlights 12 volts checked fuses drl relay and replaced column switch. What is wrong?

You didn't mention if you checked/tested the low beam headlamps or not.

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