88 VWcabriolet replaced TBI gasket checked every hose need location of air idle control motor and when you get it started up now in warmup its a vary high idle. and wont come down unless you dropcluth?

High idle problem- There is a setscrew at the back of the throttle body that adjust idle basic idle. there is not really an idle control motor per say. there is a valve that turns on and lets air through it and thus adjusting idle. setting idle is kind of a big job. i would suggest getting a Bentley manual. they are a bit expensive but A MUST HAVE IF YOU ARE GOING TO FIX YOUR OWN CAR!!!

other high idle causes-
Vacuum leaks- check all the hoses that come off the intake manifold to what ever component they go to. I like to spray brake cleaner over the hoses the idle should smooth out when you hit a leak. another common problem with 8v's is the auxiliary air regulator it is behind the intake manifold on the left side. this allows the engine to idle faster while in its warm up cycle it should get hot and close up if it does not close it will cause the engine to idle fast. use a vise grips or something similar to pinch off the hose that goes into the intake manifold from the air regulator.