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Check the fuel pressure on the fuel rail. There is a Schrader valve located on the fuel rail on top of the intake manifold. If you have adequate fuel pressure, check for ignition problems. If no or low fuel pressure, you may have a faulty fuel pressure regulator(also located on top of the intake manifold).

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Q: 90 grand prix replaced fuel pump and filter hear the hum now but car still wont start what could be wrong?
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I have a 2005 Grand Am with almost 70k on it lately when I start it up I smell gas. Could this be an indication to replace the fuel filter?

NO, if you smell gas you have a gas leak. The fuel filter should be replaced every 36,000 miles. Replace the fuel filter and search for the leak.

What makes your 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee stall and start up again?

When my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee did that I replaced the fuel filter. However, another thing that can cause that (believe it or not) is a bad battery

Have replaced fuel filter and fuse is good what else could it be car won't start on a 93 buick century?

hello how are you?

Why does a 97 grand am 24L start then shuts down replaced fuel filter and tps and still does the same starts then shuts down?

try checking your catalyctic converter

My 1989 prelude SI FI will not start in the mornings until you keep trying?

A 1989 Prelude SI FI that will not start in the mornings until you keep trying could mean that your air filter needs to be replaced. A dirty air filter could result in starting problems.

Put in new fuel filter and car still will not start?

Still won't start? Does that mean it didn't start before you replaced the filter? Obviously it wasn't the filter. Get back to basics. Test for spark and fuel. A filter is almost never the cause of a no-start.

What to do if Chevy astro does not start?

i replaced the steering column and the fuel filter. the radio was stolen

When you start your 89 caprice classic it will idle fine until you put a load on it and then it dies what could that be?

It could be your fuel filter needs replaced or possibly your fuel pump itself is on its way out. I would try replacing the fuel filter first.

What could cause a 93 caprice to turn over but not start you replaced the fuel pump and rebuilt the throttle body?

Did you get some debris in the fuel tank? There is a fuel pump "pickup" filter that prevents debris from enterning the fuel pump. If that filter is plugged the pump will not be able to produce enough filter to start the engine.

96 Pontiac grand am 2.4 liter It will start and run for about6 5 sec's It is not the fuel pump or fuel filter what could it be?

I think its the ignition switch.

What would cause Nissan 2000 Maxima to turn over but not start the starter MAF coils6 have all been replaced still same problem?

could be the timing belt if it is broken it will turn over all day but wont start could also be fuel pump and filter it the pump is bad or the filter is severly clogged you will have the same problem

Your 2000 Grand AM GT would not start several times but started no problem after it got towed what could this be?

if it will run for awhile then die, and start back up after sitting awhile , it's probably a cloged fuel filter.

Why won't my 2003 Pontiac grand am I replaced the battery and the fuel pump and it still won't start what could be the problem?

Check your ignition system/ plugs wires coil or coil packs.

1999 surburban replaced fuel filter not doing the job what is best fuel filter to use?

What do you mean by not doing the job?? Do you have a loss of power, wont start?

Why wont your duramax start after you replaced the fule filter?

If you didn't fill the new filter up with clean diesel fuel when you assembled it, you introduced air into the system.

Replaced the fuel pump. It still won't start Why?

Check if your vehicle has a fuel filter and if it does replace it. What i would do is after i replaced a fuel pump or fuel filter i used starter fiuld on the air intake and try to turn it on.

Why does your 1986 Toyota 4Runner start for 1 or 2 seconds and then die?

The fuel filter is clogged and needs replaced. The second problem could be the fuel injectors are not pumping sufficient fuel to the engine.

You changed your fuel pump but your 98 Chevy s-10 still wont start why?

was fuel filter replaced

Your 1999 grand prix gt 3.8 will stall and kill at random Replaced the ignition switch Fuel filter was replaced a month ago It also at times will take 3 tries to start What could it be?

most likely air is getting in to the fuel line look for fuel leaks. ANSWER i had the sam problem with mine i found out that it was the brake booster after i fixed it it stoped good luck

1993 Lexus GS 300 cuts off. Fires but doesn't start. Replaced fuel pump and has fuel pressure sounds like it's out of fuel?

Could be your fuel filter is plugged up.

Your dodge neon keep stopping you have to let it sit for awhile then it will start what could be causing this?

My experience with this in my 95 Plymouth neon is that it was a fuel pump going bad. Replaced it and the fuel filter and no more problems.

95 wrangler won't start sometimes replaced fuel pump and filter but still stalls and then won't start Wiring problem?

Maybe a O2 censor.

Why does the 1988 Chevy s10 blazer 2.8 idle really good but when driving it start sputtering real bad and the fuel pump has already been replaced?

Assuming the fuel filter has also been replaced, a bad distributor cap and or wires and spark plugs could do that also.

Would a dirty fuel filter make it hard to start your 1996 gmc 1500 pickup in the morning?

It could, a plugged fuel filter can cause a hard/no start.

Why won't the grand caravan start after installing a new fuel filter?

If it ran before, and won't know then the filter is not installed properly, or something else has been knocked loose.