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You can get the trouble code if your check engine light is on as follows: 1) On the passenger side below the glove compartment, remove the plastic cover that would be near your right foot if you were sitting in the seat. 2) There is a grey or blue plug in there with two wires running to it but it isn't connected to anything. You need to take a wire (or a paperclip) and connect the two terminals of the plug. 3) Turn your key on without starting the car. The check engine light will flash the trouble code. example: 4 - would be four quick flashes 14 - would be one long flash followed by four quick flashes. If you have multiple trouble codes, there will be a pause in between them.

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Q: 91 Honda accord How do you determine why your check engine light is oni was told pull back the passenger carpet and you would see a blinking red eye count the number of blinks and refer to manual?
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every Honda i have ever owned had on board diagnostics, find the ecu (i think its under the seat on the accord ) theres a window with a red led light, cound the blinks. ( Google 92 accord trouble codes ) if it blinks then pauses then starts blinking again its giving a second code.

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What makes the S-light blink on a 1991 Honda Accord?

Blinking S-LightIf your Accord is an auto which it is, the S light blinks when there is a problem with the tranny. The manual suggests you take to a dealer or mechanic asap.Another solution: Replace the transmission computer module. I found this to be a very simple fix. Pull back the carpet on the passenger side floor board under the dash. Just remove the few screws and unplug the module. Plug in the new module screw it back in and presto no more blinking "S" light. The unit costs $199.00 at When I bought mine in 2006 it was $149.00. I have had no more problems since, and these are remanufactured.

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