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What makes the S-light blink on a 1991 Honda Accord?

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Blinking S-Light

If your Accord is an auto which it is, the S light blinks when there is a problem with the tranny. The manual suggests you take to a dealer or mechanic asap.

Another solution: Replace the transmission computer module. I found this to be a very simple fix. Pull back the carpet on the passenger side floor board under the dash. Just remove the few screws and unplug the module. Plug in the new module screw it back in and presto no more blinking "S" light. The unit costs $199.00 at When I bought mine in 2006 it was $149.00. I have had no more problems since, and these are remanufactured.

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What type of antifreeze does a Honda Accord need?

50/50 Prestone antifreeze can be used in a Honda Accord. Also Honda makes their own brand of antifreeze that can be found at Honda dealerships.

What exactly is a pre owned Honda Accord?

Honda is a well-known automobile company that produces different makes and models of cars. The Accord is one of the car models they produce. A pre-owned Honda Accord is a Honda Accord that has been previously owned by another person. This differs from a Brand new Honda Accord in that is usually already has mileage on it and may or may not show some signs of usage.

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Why does the srs light flash on a 1995 Honda Civic in diagnostic mode?

Count the flashing - they are diagnostic codes - blink blink blink - pause - blink blink is a 32, usually repeated over and over or in the least three times in a row on several makes / models

Will the Honda Accord race in NASCAR?

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What makes a Honda Accord sputter?

Bad fuel,clogged fuel filter,fouled plugs.

How many hp does Honda accord V4 have?

Honda makes no V4. They do make an Inline I4. The hp depends on the year you are asking about which you fail to mention. The 2011 Accord 2.4 liter I4 puts out 177 hp.

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The car company that makes Accord automobiles is the Honda car company, based in Japan. It was first released in 1976 and since the late 1980s has been one of the largest selling cars in the US>

How do you tell when a water pump is bad on a 1991 Honda accord?

It makes alot of noise and overheats, leaks out of bottom of pump

How do you turn air bags in a Honda Accord 2006?

Your question makes no sense. If you are asking can you turn the air bags off the answer is no.

Where can one buy cheap Honda Accord rims?

Performance Plus Tires and Street Dreams offer good prices on rims for most makes of vehicle including the Honda Accord. They can also be found on sites like Wheel Base Alloys and Carid.

What makes 91 Honda accord jerk or sputter when braked at light?

bad clutch if a manual, if automatic, need a transmission check up.

What makes your 91 Honda Accord ex miss when you turn on your ac?

More than likely the Idle Air Control (IAC) is defective.

What would cause groaning noise when reversing a 1999 Honda Accord EX?

If the Honda Accord makes a groaning noise when reversing the can be caused by bad hub bearings. Hub bearings are what allow the car's wheels to spin, if gone bad they can cause wheels to come fully off the vehicle.

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What makes the alternator light come on in a 1990 Honda Accord DX?

Usually a bad alternator or regulator. Many auto parts retailers will test the charging system without charging you.

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