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Try this ----I just did it. Use Rubbing Compound on the lens just as you would on your car. I did it twice--what a difference!

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How do you remover moisture from a 88 crx headlight?

use a wet vac with a small ling nozzel, insert into the headlite hole then reseal headlite

How do you adjust headlights on a Nissan pickup?

how to adjust headlite on 1995 nissian pickup

1998 crown Victoria lights wont work its not the wiring?

Check the headlite switch.

How do you get to the horn on a Mazda millenia?

on our 99, i have to remove the headlite assembly to get to the horn. there is one on each side

How do you change Chevrolet truck headlight?

depends on the year, but on the newer models its super easy. open the hood. right above the headlite you will see an "L" shaped bar. its about 1/4" in diameter. that's the locking pin for the headlite. unlatch it and slide it to the side and out. you will be able to tilt the whole headlite forward, giving you access to the bulbs and their connectors. undo the connector on the faulty bulb, twist it out and replace. simple. no need for even reaiming.

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee cooling fan does not work?

I have a 2001 Gc, Radiator cooling fan didn't work. there is a control relay located under the front bumper cover below the passenger side headlite that had to be replaced. A BIG job unless you cheat. I watched the mechanic. He removed the headlite assembly, then cut a sq. hole in the bumper cover that is concealed by the headlite to get to the relay. Once replaced he used some epoxy to re-attach the piece of bumper he cut out. put the headlite back and I was on my way. He said it saved me a few hundred bucks in labor if he had done it the way Jeep outlines it. HOPE THIS HELPED YOU OUT J.A.D.

Why is headlite bulb on one side so dim?

1) bad bulb - try switching them 2) bad ground

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1997 VW Jetta?

Remove the front grill. clips on top and pull up and towards you, careful of the clips under the headlites not to break them. remove 4- 8mm bolts. Detach bulb harness. Pull headlite towards and do the above steps in reverse to replace the headlite.

You have no taillights all bulbs fuses and connections are good what else could it be?

it could be you headlite switch or a broken wire under ur car

Replaced headlite bulb still not working whats next?

There could be a switch that has gone bad in the headlight. The entire assembly will more then likely need to be replaced.

Sharon headlight cover removal to change bulb?

secret sliding door in wheel arch directly behind headlite dont forget to slide it shut

Why wont your low beam headlights work on your 2001 Honda civic?

there is a recall on the headlite switch on those models---i worke at Honda for 15 years--call the dealer--will fix at no charge

How do you change air filter Oldsmobile intrigue?

when you open the hood it should be right there behind the headlite a black box with a large hose going to the plenum the box should have 4 clips on it .unclip it and the filtre is about maybe 6in by9in & an inch thick.

Where is the flasher located on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I just replaced mine yesterday. It is under the left side of the dash, there is a pink box (headlite/seatbelt buzzer), pull it out and right above it is 2 flashers, one for hazards and one for turn signals.

You want really bright lights in your headlights on a 95 suzuki esteem brighter then the halogens you have now you want the new ones to be almost white like on a BMW Where can you get these?

you can order hid headlite bulb conversion kits from e bay. they run from 80.00 to 400.00

How do you replace the headlight of a 2005 Pontiac aztek?


How do you fix the headlight doors on a 1983 Lincoln mark VI?

Check the vaccuum lines for a leak. or the headlite switch itself may have a leak in the air lines. If they won't close...that's where I started on mine and found the leak, sealed it and it fixed it right up

How do you remove the front headlite on your 2003 accord?

You access it through the fender. Turn the steering wheel fully one way or the other depending on which headlight you are removing. You must remove 2 plastic clips and pry the fender liner back. This is in your owner's manual.

Where are the headlight adjustment screws on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Open the hood and look for a acess hole in the radiater support bracket just above the headlite. You will need a long torx screw driver to reach the adjustment screw (only one for each lite). Good luck.

Where is the air filter located on a 2004 Chevy Silverado?

open your hood. the filter is inside that big black plastic box on the passenger side front of the engine compartment, right behind the headlite. its got a couple of clips on it holding the cover down and a corrugated hose running off toward the throttle body.

How do you change headlight bulb in 2008 Ford Fusion?

MAKE SURE HEADLIGHTS ARE OFF!! the low beam headlite. pass side go to the pass side wheel well. there is a panal there (look towards the front of car) unscrew the panal and remove. take bulb out, replace bulb. put the panel back on.

1998 Dodge Grand Caravan bad headlight switch can I wire in a toggle switch and what color are the headlite wires or where can I find a diagram?

No, this is a solid state switch. They cost about $75 to $100. If neither high or low beams work it could be the switch. If one works and the other not look at the headlight relays in the fuse box.

Left headlite is dim bulbs good how you go about it 05 sunfire?

Well, if the bulb is working, you might have a dirty connection either at the bulb plug, or there might be a loose ground somewhere. Sadly, I'm not sure where that system grounds. I'd carefully unplug the lamp (don't touch the glass with your fingers .... skin oil can destroy them) and shoot some WD-40 into the socket to clean it out and try again.Also, as your car is an older model like mine, it may be that your headlight cover is frosted over, blocking some of the light emitted. When I had a lamp burn out, I replaced both sides with factory replacements. They were not bright enough due to that frosting over effect. I had to replace the new lamps with brighter than standard lamps. It helped, but not as much as replacing the headlight cover would.

How do you change headlamp bulbs on a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria?

Just to replace the bulb, open the hood, there should be a small plastic panel above the head lites, remove it, the bulb with the holder twist out. Then plug the new bulb in and replace. If you need to replace the whole headlite, the unit is available for about $ 45.00 and that includes 55 w bulbs, 60w for the high's, new lens, with adjusters. Due to age the plastic yellows and the lites are not as bright as before, therefor, the new units are a good deal. Takes about an hour to change both sides. Just have to remove the clips from the inside.

Which wire is ground on harley Davidson 3 prong headlamp connector plug?

I'm not at all qualified in electronics but I would use an ordinary ohmmeter. Put one lead to a bare metal part of the bike and touch the other lead to each of the three prongs of the headlite. one of them should show zero resistance and that one should be ground. (I think!)