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93 legend D4 blinks and no eng light or code?

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I've got the same problem on a 92 legend. The D4 flashes after about 3 minutes of driving and does not stop until shut off.
No engine light, no problems with the way it drives or shifts.
I bought a HELMS manual and they show how to apply a wire to short across the ECM and the D4 light will flash a "code", telling you what the problem is.
I'm tracking down that now.

It happened to my 91 Legend. It meant thet my vehicle speed sensor was no good.

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New o2 sensors check engine light still on code 141?

I don't know the answer you need but, my 99 toyo tacoma has eng. light on and the code reads po141...heat sensor unit....I am mechanicly inept...if you get an answer,I think I will too !

If a 2000 Jeep Wrangler will turn over but not start what could be your problem?

Need more info!!!! Is the check eng. light on???What eng. is it??

How often should the cam belt be changed on a 2000 Ford Mondeo LX?

I want to say 60-90k miles, but to be certain contact your local ford dealer and ask them the scheduled maintenance for it. UK recommendations are 1.6 Ltr eng code L1L 100,000mls or 10 yrs 1.8 Ltr eng code RKF 100,000mls or 10 yrs 1.8 Diesel eng code RFN 70,000mls or 5yrs 2.0ltr eng code NGB 100,000mls or 10 yrs 2.5ltr eng code SEA chain driven All Mondeo's manufactured after 2000 are fitted with timing chains I hope this helps

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What is wrong when check Eng light is on and mechanics scanner lists rear wiper and also undocumented code wiper works fine on 1999 Grand Caravan?

This is ridiculous. Find a new mechanic and have the computer scanned again. The rear wiper has nothing to do with the Check Engine light and would never come up on a scanner code. The Check Engine light comes on when their is a problem with the emissions system.

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