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94 Jeep Grand Cherokee runs hot when the air Conditioner is on good otherwise what would cause this?

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2009-05-08 16:23:05

The ZJ including '94 did not come with an electric fan. I would

look into your fan clutch being bad, this is attached to the

cooling fan via the water pump.

First, would be to check whether or not the electric fan is

coming on. Set the emergency brake for safety, make sure the Jeep

is in park, hood open, motor running, turn on the AC and see if the

electric fan (located against the inside of the radiator) is

running. If not, that would be your root problem, and answer why it

seems to only happen when the AC is on. If you have a bit of

testing background, unplug the fan itself (the plug is located on

the left side of the shroud), and see if there is 12v from the feed

(not the fan) side. If there is, there's something worng wirth the

fan itself, if not, it's more than likely the relay.

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