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94 Lebaron needs a boost every morning the battery has been replaced the clamps are clean and tight it does not appear to have any lights left on What is the cause of the battery draining?


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Have you had the alternator tested? Often a bad internal diode can drain the alternator overnight.

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something is draining the battery. a new battery will last a couple days if just starting the car. even if your alternator is bad.

you possibly have something draining the battery when the car is shut off, with the car shut off pull the positive cable off the battery and then just touch the cable to the positive post of the battery and see if you get a spark, if you get a spark you have something electrical draining the battery.

my ford ka battery is 2years every morning it is flat even if i have done a 100 miles the day before.

Something is causing a drain on the battery even with the vehicle off and nothing turned on. A good mechanic can do a drain test on the battery to see what may be draining the charge. A dead cell in the battery itself will also cause the battery to go dead. Disconnect the negative battery cable overnight and if the battery is dead the next morning it has a dead cell and must be replaced. If not look for a light that is on or a relay that is stuck.

Most likely there is something that is draining it. In case it might be the battery itself, disconnect the battery terminals at night. When you reconnect in the morning and the battery is OK, then the problem is in the electrical system somewhere. If the battery is dead then the battery needs to be replaced. Finding the fault in the electrical system can be difficult. Check to make sure all lights go out when the car is turned off. Pulling fuses to see if any stops the drain could help isolate the problem too. Good luck

Either the battery has a dead cell, which will normally drain it overnight, or something is on pulling power from the battery. If the battery has a dead cell it will have to be replaced. The easiest way to determine this is to fully charge the battery and then disconnect the negative cable overnight. If the battery is dead in the morning it has a dead cell. You may not even be able to charge it with a dead cell. If the battery is still fully charged the next morning then you have another problem. Check all the lights on the vehicle. Under hood, trunk, dome, curtorsey, glove box, etc. One of them may be staying on. Also check your brake lights. If you find no lights are on then you may have a relay that is sticking. Can be power windows, locks, seat, etc.

This may be a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. However, there may be other causes as well.

well if you do nothing the battery will stay full a long time . and if you leave the light`s on it will be empty the next morning[i speak whit experience] it has happend to me. but the car battery of my car has not been replaced for 190.000 km[117.800miles]

The battery that powers the CMOS and clock (PRAM and clock on a Mac) has died and must be replaced. On a PC this is usually a nonrechargeable coin cell (on a Mac this is usually a rechargeable battery connected with a short cable). Once this battery has been replaced the clock will function normally again.

Something is draining the battery. Possibilities are dome/map/courtesy light, trunk, glove box, under hood light. In rare cases a stuck power window/lock switch. Look at the car in the dark and see what is on. Remove the positive cable and the touch it to the positive post in the dark. If you see a spark something is on.

There might be some electrical component that is slowly draining the battery. Here is a simple way to narrow it down. This is best done at night. Remove the positive battery cable from the battery (with everything turned off, even the dome light). Gently touch the battery cable to the battery terminal. If there is anything draining current you will see a little spark. To narrow down the source, repeat this test after removing one fuse at a time. When the spark stops, note the number of the fuse removed, and which accessories are fed by this fuse. While you have the terminal off, it's a good idea to clean both the battery terminals and cable ends with a wire brush. If you do not have a slow drain on the battery, here are some other possible causes: your alternator is not charging the battery, often the problem is the voltage regulator (mounted to the back of the alternator). The voltage regulator is a good place to start as it costs only $20, an alternator is closer to $200. More likely, if you still have the original battery, it is 7 years old which is about max life on a car battery. If this morning starting problem has been getting worse slowly over time, it is most likely the battery. They are at their weakest in the morning when the battery and motor are both cold, so the battery has less power, and a cold motor is much harder to crank over than a warm motor.

Check the alternator. If the alternator is not generating enough electrical energy to run the car AND recharge the battery you'll always have a low battery. If that's not it try to find something that is being left on that's draining the battery.

Seized engine? Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Bad neutral safety switch? Bad ignition switch?

On my espace a wiring fault turns on the ignition circuit at random draining the battery if not spotted. This is without the keys in the ignition. I fitted a battery isolater switch and use this to make sure it dont drain while parked up. seems to happen mostly when frosty etc.

I reckon you plug it in to charge the batteries of what ever this is. So what ever this is has bad batteries or something that is draining the battery down when it is parked so you have to recharge the battery to get it back up to snuff. So it's a bad battery or do you leave the lights on so you can find it in the morning?

There could be many reasons why a car has an issue starting in the morning but not the afternoon. The most common start is that the battery has an issue with cold start, and would need to be replaced with a battery that does have a cold start option.

Leaving the car stereo on overnight can drain the battery and make the car impossible to start in the morning.

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A battery that runs down overnight is normally caused by a dead cell in that battery. The only fix is to replace the battery. It can also be caused by any light that is left on, on the vehicle. Dome light, under hood light, trunk light, glovebox light, or even brake lights that our on due to a sticking brake light switch. A relay that is sticking can also cause this. Disconnect the negative battery cable and let the vehicle sit overnight. If the battery is still charged the next morning then you know the battery is good. If the battery is dead then you know the battery has a dead cell and must be replaced.

It's losing voltage or draining overnight. after a battery disconnect, it will need to "re-learn" idle strategy. it's normal for it to do this after a battery replacement or any disconnect. if the battery has sufficient voltage check and clean the terminals at the battery. they may not look bad but if they're dark colored they may not be conductive. if not, check and clean all the cable connections including engine ground.

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