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yes.what you do is put the blue wire on the red wire and then tie those together to get those lights blinking again.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-12 02:26:38
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Q: 94 Sick Vic. Police Intercepter. How do you rewire the Road Runner Solid state relay its all wired to the lights but 2 wires open Blue and Red.Add a Switch?
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How do you wire around the neutral safety switch on 1991 Toyota 4 runner?

Disconnect the 2 wires from the switch and connect them together

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1991 Toyota 4 runner?

left side tranny

Where is the starter really located on 95 four runner?

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How do you check ignition switch in a 1998 Toyota 4-Runner?

I have the same problem, going to have a locksmith make sure its the ignition switch and cylinder and just not a key problem or a tumbler problem.

Where is the oil pressure switch on a 98 Toyota 4-runner?

The Oil Press. Switch is just forward and above about an inch of the oil filter. There is a single wire coming out of it. AZinAK

Toyota 4 runner LR window only winds up not down motor switch OK?

the motor is ok if it will go in at least one direction....most likely the switch is bad

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How can you change your Toyota 4 runner ignition switch?

You have to remove the cover on the steering column that surrounds the switch.. Usually a pin or screw holds the switch in place. Make sure you have the correct switch from Toyota. If it helps any,,go out and buy a Haynes Manual for the truck. It will show you the procedure step by step.

Powered windows in Toyota 4 runner that wont roll up?

Most common issue is the switch going bad. You can remove and switch and bypass it to see if the mechanism is working properly. Then either replace the switch or the mechanism motor. Also check the fuses to ensure you are getting the power tot he switch in the first place.

What is new about the 2013 Toyota 4 Runner?

The one new feature about the 2013 Toyota 4 Runner is that the transfer case has a new switch type control, replacing the former pull lever. Everything else is the same as for the 2012 model.

93 Toyota 4-runner will not start in cold weather?

Many possible reasons. Maybe cold start switch(valve) is bad.

Do you have to manually switch overdrive on and off on a '99 Toyota 4 runner?

are you serious? yeah you do- the O/D switch is on the side of the shifter- and if you're asking this I'm assuming you have an automatic....'cause a manual- well yeah you have to shift.

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We are handing a claim on a 2007 Toyota truck. This party was rear ended and now states her vehicle won't start. Minor rear end accident. does this vehicle have a kill switch????

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try the neutral safety switch

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rpo #9c1 police package with dash switch near radio

Where is the oil pressure switch in a 2000 ford crown Victoria?

On a Police Interceptor model, it is just under the oil filter.