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You might want to replace your VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor)

Check this out:

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Q: 94 accord new speed sensor speedometer still jumping around help?
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2005 cavalier speedometer jumping?

speed sensor issue

Where Is The Speedometer Cable On A 96 Accord?

There is no cable its electronic speed sensor

Where is the speedometer sensor in a 1995 Honda Accord?

I'm not too sure about the 1994 Honda accord because i don't have one myself. However, in most cars the speedometer sensor is located on the transmission, close to the point of engagement between the transmission and the front axle. The speedometer is attached tho the transmission with bolt(s) depending on the car.

How do you replace a speedometer sensor on a 1990 Honda Accord LX?

To replace this sensor you have to start by removing the air intake tube from the air filter to the throttle body.Then locate the bottom radiator hose.Look to the left on the trans axle,the sensor is on the trans almost under the throttle body.It has a three or four wire plug going to it.You need a 10mm socket and some luck.Take the two bolts out pull the sensor out make sure you get the little "shaft"(looks like the end of a speedometer cable).Replace the sensor.Instlation is revesal of removal.This will take care of the speedometer jumping around or not working at all.

Where is the speedometer sensor on 2004 avalanche?

where is speedometer sensor on 2004 avalanche

95 Honda accord and have replaced the speed control sensor but the speedometer is not working?

Since you replaced the sensor, and the speedometer still isn't working it is possible that you will need to replace the speedometer cable. Check the cable first to be sure that it is still properly connected, and if so replace the cable to see if that solves the problem.

How do you fix the speedometer cable on a 1997 Honda Accord you think it needs to be greased.?

There is no speedometer cable - all is electronic. A speed sensor mounted on transaxle connects to the back of your speedometer cluster, and trasmits that way. It's not mechanical like old cars.

What does the speed sensor do on a Honda Accord?

It tells the computer how fast you're going. The data it produces is used by the speedometer and the cruise control system.

Why would the speedometer and odometer for a 1994 Honda accord lx stop working?

The speedometer is a part that commonly fails on the 1994-1997 Accord. Buy a used cluster on eBay for about $80 from a reputable seller, and swap it yourself. The wiring on your car is probably fine, as well as the speed sensor on the transmission.

Where is the speedometer sensor on a Mercury Mountaineer?

where is the location of the vehicle speedometer sensor on a 99 Mercury Mountaineer

What does an input output sensor do if its gone out?

If an input output sensor has gone out, it will affect the functionality of your speedometer. If only the input sensor is affected, the speedometer will work with limited functionality. The output sensor will cease the speedometer from working completely.

Where is the MAF sensor located on a 1996 Accord?

There is no MAF sensor on a 1996 accord.

How do you fix the speedometer on a 1994 Honda Accord EX?

There is a Vehicle speed sensor on your vehicle. There is no cable running to your speedometer so I would start with that sensor.... Correct answer: The sensor is usually fine. The speedometer itself goes bad. They sell on ebay, used, for $80 or less. Buy the whole cluster, and swap the speedometer into your cluster. Make sure the seller describes if the cluster is from a 4 cylinder car, or a 6 cyl, they don't interchange. ABS or not, doesn't matter, just swap the speedo in to your own cluster.

Why does the speedometer on my 1995 Nissan xe v6 truck jump around and read wrong?

check if it has a speedometer cable if not the speed sensor needs to be replaced

What could cause speedometer problems in a 1996 Nissan Pathfinder?

the speed sensor, trans. sensor , or the speedometer cable

Speedometer is not working on 1996 Honda Accord LX 4cylinder?

i would check speedometer sensor. . take car to autozone they hook up code read out for free.. speedo sensor found on tranny. and its over $100.00 dollars for part only.. easy to change if handy w/ tools and if you can find it

Where is the speedometer cable located on a 2000 Grad Prix?

There is no speedometer cable. MPH is calibrated using a speed sensor. If your speedometer is not working, you have a bad speed sensor module.

What would cause a speedometer to stop working on a 1996 Honda Accord?

there is a sensor in one of the drive shaft that finds the speed it could either be that or the engine computer is failing

How do you know when the speed sensor on 1992 Acura Legend is bad?

One indication of a bad sensor is when your speedometer bounces around, shakey, or jumpy.

Where is the speedometer sensor on a 92 s10 4.3 2wd automatic?

The 1992 Chevrolet S 10 speedometer sensor is on the back of the transmission. The sensor should be labeled as such.

How do you install a Speedometer Sensor on a 1999 Ford Escort?


Where is the speedometer sensor located in a 1998 dodge ram?

The speedometer signal comes from the abs sensor on top of the rear axle.

Where do you find the speedometer cable on a 1992 Honda Accord?

It doesn't have one. The speedometer is electrically operated with a pulse signal from the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) which is located on top of the transmission below the rear end of the lower radiator hose.

Does a 1999 dodge neon have a speedometer cable or a sensor?

A sensor.

Where is the cooling system sensor located on a 1992 Honda Accord?

where is the cooling sensor Honda accord 1992