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it may be your turn signal flasher module. i had same problem, but it wasnt the bulbs, it was the ground/reground flasher module. 15 bucks at napa auto.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-31 17:22:06
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Q: 94 altima gxe front directionals not working. Is there a wiring or schematic anywhere. I have checked and replaced all needed bulbs the rear work fine just nothing out of any of the front directional?
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94 altima gxe front directionals not working is there a wiring or schematic anywhere I have checked and replaced all needed bulbs the rear work fine just nothing out of any of the front directionals?

check your ground. I have a 94 GLE, ran into the same problem. the ground on the turn signal...forgot to be specific

How do you repair rear directionals on a 2500 Chevy pickup truck?

Check bulbs Depending on the year there were some problems with the fixtures themselves and have to be replaced

1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee directionals don't work?

The two first things to check are the fuse and the blinker capacitor. Both can be replaced very inexpensively.

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I'd use a voltmeter to see if it's getting voltage at the fuse and then the light socket. If no voltage anywhere maybe the backup switch or something is malfunctioning.

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Is there a brake light relay on a 1998 ford F 150 you checked all mini fuses replaced the brake light switch no brake lights work?

Have you checked the bulbs themselves? The directional signal should be the same element as the brake light. Check to see if you rear directional signals.

What is wrong if the brake lights in a 1999 Cavalier Z24 do not work but the tail lights directional hazard and center brake lights all do and the tail lamps have been replaced?

The problem points to the directional/lights and hazard switch. The brake light wiring is part of that circuit.You can buy the switch after market it is about $70.00.

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What is wrong if the brake lights in a 2000 Cavalier Z24 do not work but the tail lights directional hazard and center brake lights all do and the tail lamps have been replaced?

Check the brake switch at the pedal.

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The engine does not have a timing belt. If you are referring to the serpentine belt (the long belt that runs around the pulleys), it should be replaced when it shows sign of age. I replaced mine at 65k miles and it looked new. I hear people replace them anywhere from 80k - 90k miles. once

Why does the flasher click intermittenly without the turn signals being used on a 2000 blazer?

I have the same problem basically, after looking at the schematic, etc., the only thing I came up with is that the whole turn signal sub assembly must be replaced. I removed the turn signal fuse and its stops, which coincides with the schematic. If the ignition is turned on, the clicking from the flasher will sound, if off, it will not. I hope this helps, replacing the turn signal assembly is not easy, and you should get a manual from an auto parts.

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Something is keeping power to the ignition coil. You need a wiring schematic and trace the wiring.

What needs to be replaced when both power windows stop working in your 1999 Chevy Venture?

try replacing the switch on the driver side fairly easy to do. --- edit --- The main driver side switch is a good "guess", but if you want to actually troubleshoot this issue, there are a number of things to consider. A good wiring diagram or schematic of the system is also essential in doing the job. I have included a link that shows a description of the system and a wiring diagram / schematic.

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