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It all depends on the manufacturers design of the transmission. technically it doesnt matter how the oil is checked, it just has to coralate to the makers marks on dipstick. EG. If engine running the marks will be nearer the bottom of the dipstick or dipstick longer, not running shorter dipstick or higher marks. Whatever the manufacturer has decided to use. Just follow the instructions in manual. As far as the bubbles, that could be the reason the makers have used the engine off to give more acurate reading with no bubbles to obscure true reading. Hope this helps Re: Thanks for that. On this dipstick, it is pretty short (maybe 3 or 3 and a half inches) and only has an low and high mark. No distinction for hot or cold reading on the dipstick. Like I said, it seems fine at normal temp when I shut it off and check right then. Just wanted to be sure I didn't overfill and damage it. It is alittle slow to rev into 2nd gear. Not very bad, though. I assume this is just a case of being a old vehicle and tranny. Fluid seems to be in good shape. Light red/pinkish color, with no odor.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-16 15:38:42
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Q: 95 civic Manual says check atf at normal temp and engine off Is this normal thought checking at idle is the norm Afraid I have added too much Dipstick shows some bubbles while idle None while off?
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