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Try cleaning off your battery posts and connections, ignition switch a possibility, try wiggling the key around when you start the car, if it starts you found your problem. first check the battery. it should have @14.2 volts without any loads. With @ 500 amp draw it should go no lower thaan 9.6 volts. next is to check the "pigtail" wiring coming off of the alternator, look for burns or breaks in the wires, especially the purple one. after that, ya have look really hard at the ignition switch. it's a pain, but you can check it.

2007-01-05 08:00:57
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95 olds delta 88 royale- The car worked when shut off. Then the ignition just wouldn't do anything no click or crank?

I'm having the same problem. I thought it was the security chip in the key, or maybe the starter, but I can jump the start side of the starter to 12v and the car starts and runs for a few seconds. I think it might be in the ignition switch module in the colum. The problem sounds like the same with mine. The problem is the PassKey security system. It is located under the glove box insert. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to either replace the console and key or bypass the console. I also had that problem got a passkey sensor, tried bypassing the sensor NO GOOD turned out it was a broken wire at the ignition . i replaced the ignition (where the key goes in) you purchase it with a new key end it worked.

Got power and starter is good Why when turning ignition key there is no starter action you checked the blue and yellow wire at starter and there is no juice when ignition key is fully turned?

If this is an automatic transmission, it might be the shifter interlock that only allows the starter to work when in Park or Neutral. If the switch built into the shifter isn't making proper contact, it won't turn over. If the contacts are loose, you can try pushing the shift lever to the right to see if you can force contact. This worked for me until I rebuilt the switch. Well it could be a few things, Is your battery still good? Did you blow the starter fuse and there should be a starter relay as well. Good luck

Why does the starter keep running and heats up on 1993 Ford F-150?

I would suspect a defective ignition switch. I would be more inclined to believe it was the starter relay/solenoid thingy i used to have an old amc eagle. and it did same thing starter wouldn't disengage. I replaced the solenoid/starter relay and it worked fine after that.

Have 1994 Honda prelude s. Having problems starting. When key is in the ignition power comes on but when turned to starting point nothing happens. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.?

To test:Put the car up in the air (ramps, jack etc) so you can get to the starter.Place a test light grounded to the engine block on the small terminal on the starter.When the key is turned it should light up.If the starter does not work but the light comes on the starter needs replacement.If the light does not come on:The starter workedThere is a ground problem between the engine and the batteryThe ignition switch or the starter relay are faulty.One more test before you spend a whole bunch of money, just to be sure:Get a volt meter and test the battery voltage both with the key on and the key in the start position. If the voltage stays near or above 11.5 volts the battery is ok, below 10 volts the battery is faulty or dead.

You have your truck timed an it will not start still what are you doing wrong I have an 85 shevy silverado pickup?

If an engine has proper compression, fuel/air delivered in the right ratio and the ignition spark is delivered at the right time when the engine is turned by the starter, the engine HAS to run... no choice. Go back to basics. If you've worked on something recently and the engine ran BEFORE you worked on it, be suspicious of what has changed. It could be as simple as connecting the plug wires wrong.

Why won't a 2004 ford explorer start the battery is fine the lights work there is no noise when turning the key on.?

Defective starter solenoid. It's the key or ignition or both I speak from experience I had the EXACT problem.I checked the battery,the starter,silinoid,starter relay and nothing.Everything was still good.I took it to a ford dealer and had my key replacedand vehicle reprogramed.It worked

The key won't go in all the in the ignition to start car?

Some metal part inside the ignition broke and is jamming. The lock will have to be replaced. One time, when this happened to an old car of mine, I jammed a screwdriver into the ignition and turned it just like a key. It worked fine but I was always worried about the police noticing this and thinking I stole the car.

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Your 1998 leganza will not start just get a click when turning ignition worked fine yesterday tried fuel cut off by drivers door no joy?

sounds like the starter motor needs replacing it is not the solenoid or it would not click

How do you trip the cylinoid in the starter on a 1994 Geo Tracker Once the car has been driven a long distance then turned off the starter will not do anything Turn the key and nothing Help please?

Hi, I can relate to you what I had to do. I took the tire iron and banged on the soelnoid while my wife turned the key. I worked for me all the time. I learned it from a to truck driver that came on a AAA call and he showed me what to do until I replaced, I had it replaced because it was a real pain job to replace the starter. I found a good starter at a local junkyard. I hope this is timely for you and good luck Steve H.

Why does your car 1985 Chevy Celebrity make a humming soundYou have changed the ignition switch and it worked fine then the car wont start and it makes a humming noise?

when you turn your key and you only hear humming noise, the problem will most likely be that the starter is not engaging the fly wheel, its turning but is not sliding forward to do its job. have the starter check.

Why might a car with a new battery and starter not start?

sounds like the starter solenoidAnswerDid you check the selenoid? Another possibility is that it could be a faulty brand of starters. Try a different manufacturer if there is a compatible. I replaced 4 in 2 months...then tried a different brand. No more problems. Meanwhile, to get it started(a little trick someone taught me that worked), have someone tap the starter repeatedly(not bang -but a healthy tap)while simultaneously trying to start the car. AnswerMany newer vehicles also have a main fuse for the ignition system which will prevent anything from happening if it is blown. It may have blown when installing the new components. AnswerTo answer this, one forst needs to know if it is not cranking (doning nothing when the key is turned) or it is cranking but not starting. Answerdoing nothing when key is turned on 1 of 4 things.1) if have a security chip key.....chip has gone bad, or need to enter a security code after battery was replaced (newer high end car's have this thieft protection)2) ignition switch faulty3)starter wiring circuit, poor connection4) selenode / starter faultyAnswerI had a similar problem to this not so long ago with my 96 Honda Civic - I replaced the battery and the starter, neither of which fixed the problem. I was about to change out the key/ignition switch column when I took it to a mechanic. Turns out that the problem was with my clutch switch. So, if your car isn't automatic, it might be worth checking that out. . .

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Why does your starter relay stick on 1988 ford f150?

I have changed the starter relay at least 10 times. FinaLLY CHANGED THE STARTER> WORKED FOR AWHILE then the relay started sticking again and burned up another starter. First I thought it was residual magnetism keeping the coil in the relay energized. Then, contacted car quest about possible bad relays. Disconnected all voltage from relay, ignition and battery. The contacts were still in the closed position energizing the starter when positive from the battery was connected to the relay, no voltage from ignition, wire off. I suspect now the starter is pulling so much current it is melting the contacts together . So far I have not came up with a solution. Driving me nuts!!! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting change. Sounds like you need a professional diagnosis.

Why does my mileage still shows on the speedometer of your Mercedes sprinter van when the engine is of?

Try putting the key in the ignition and taking out quickly, and or lubricate the ignition lock mechanism. it worked for me.

Resetting security system on l997 deville?

make sure everything is off (radio, etc). place your key in the ignition, half turned on, for 20 min or so and that will reset the security system. i had to do this with my 2000 deville and it worked. try it at your own risk. goodluck

My 98 Plymouth breeze won't start. Will make sound like it is going to crank but wont?

Check the engine ground before replacing parts. I have a 97 Plymouth Breeze that would not turn over, but the lights and radio worked. After replacing 4 parts (starter/solenoid, ignition switch, crank case sensor and safety switch), it turned out that the engine was not grounded properly. Once the ground was reattached correctly, car started.

Why does your 95 dodge neon the ignition turns part way then stops It worked 5 minutes ago?

If the ignition on the 95 Neon will only turn partially, then the ignition switch has gone bad. The only remedy is to replace the switch.

On a 1991 Nissan truck with a 4 cylinder engine will not start or send power to the starter replaced the starter and clutch start switch what else could be wrong?

Make sure you are getting power out of your ignition. Check to make sure its going to the "blue relay" or the starter relay or clutch start switch. also, the ground wire is typically a soldered ground connection, mine was broken so you might want to check that, I had to solder it back on and it worked fine.

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Why does 1998 dodge neon have power everywhere but starter is dead starter is new and worked for 2 months?

Sounds like a defective starter, but check your battery cables and connections. Make sure you are getting power at the starter when you turn the key to the start position. Could be a relay too.

2001 Dodge Caravan ignition key won't turn?

Most of the other forums say to "insert key and tap the key with something while turning it" and it has worked for several. It worked for me but it is just a temporary fix because it will happen again. They say you will eventually need to replace the ignition tumblers.

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