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have you tryed to change the control module under the ditributor cap, elc module,maybe its getting week, controls fire and gas

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1993 Suburban is skipping while running?

i changed plugs wires throttle p sensor an checked fuel

How do you restart your oil censor?

You do not restart the sensor. It is either good and will work or it is bad and needs replacing.

When the check light is on why would the overdrive light come on and blink?

Have your TRS (transmission range sensor) checked out. I had the same problem. Took it to a mechanic where he diagnosed everything and then changed out the sensor = $150.24 (sensor was $51.99, rest was diagnisis & labor.

How do you check the temperature sensor on a 1989 Ford F150?

The sensor can be checked for resistance with an ohm meter. The sensor can be checked while cold then hot for resistance change.

2000 Malibu for no known reason it just stops running sometimes will usually restart in 10 to 30 min checked fuel pump pressures replaced filter checked fuel pres reg all ok any ideas thanks?

uyou probably have a bad crank sensor.

How do you determine the cause of your engine failure in a 97 Chevy Cavalier?

I was driving on the highway and the car just stalled and wouldn't restart. Originally it showed a code for cam position sensor. I changed the cam pos sensor. It still wont start. When I try to start it it cranks much faster than normal. Now it shows a code for a MAP sensor. I changed that...nothing. Any ideas.

1998 Mazda Millenia was running fine the engine got hot and shut down Have not been able to restart Am getting fuel but no spark already changed the crankshaft sensor?

its the gas pump

What causes a 1994 Grand Prix to overheat and stall every time it is driven even though the thermostat and heat sensor were changed the plugs were checked and the radiator was cleaned?

Intake manifold gasket leak? (Never heard of a heat sensor). Many possibilities.

How do you restart the parking sensor on your Citroen Xsara?

how to reset the parkig sesor on a picaso desire

1994 Chevy lumina euro 3.1 warms up then dies wont restart backfires changed crank sensor now wont start at all?

sounds like pluged catalitic converter or egr valve

1998 Pontiac sunfire will not start it does not get a spark and i changed the ignition coils and the module below it please help me get it started thanks?

Have you checked for a computer code? That vehicle should have either a crankshaft position sensor or a camshaft position sensor. Make sure it is working properly.

What is wrong with my 93 Bonneville won't start?

could be many things but start by having it checked for codes if possible. then check fuel pressure should be about 45psi. could also be a crank sensor, TPS sensor or other problem. when was the fuel filter changed last

The fuel tank gauge is stuck on full on your focus?

There might be something off with the sensor. You can take it in to get the sensor checked out.

You have 2002 mustang it is missing check engine light is on had code checked at AutoZone crank shaft sensor and number 3 cylinder misfiring changed sensor still missing?

Sensor??? A misfire is usually caused by spark plugs and wires. After that you change distributor cap(if equipped) , fuel injectors, check for proper compression.

Changed coil and module but still no spark?

crank sensor or cam sensor

What causes the maxima to stop when you slow down but restart easily?

mass air flow sensor

Can a cam shaft sensor problem cause a 2002 Chrysler Sebring to stall and not restart?


What would cause your 89 Chevy Celebrity wagon 2 8L to not start have changed 02 sensor fuel pump and filter and Fuel Pressure Regulator?

Have you checked to see if the spark plugs are firing?

What could be the problem why a 2003 Suzuki Vitara will not restart immediately after traveling for twenty minutes and then stop?

More than likely you have an ignition failure along the line of the Ignition control module and coil. Basically a connection that is held together by internal gel on the component is disconnecting when warm. I have found the problem. The cam sensor was the problem. I had earlier changed the Air Flow Sensor but the problem persists and as soon as I changed the Cam Sensor the SUV started running like new.

What are the signs of a bad camshaft sensor for a 2002 Dodge Intrepid?

symptoms of a bad sensor will be , engine cutting out then starting again as you drive. cutting out then being able to restart when vehicle is stopped. hard starting. if left long enuff before replacing, you will not be able to restart

Could a crank shaft sensor cause my 2005 Nissan Maxima to go into limp mode?

A bad crankshaft sensor would stop the engine and not restart.

1991 dodge dynasty stalls after running for a while then will restart after about 2 hours of sitting changed the fuel filter and flushed the radiator any other ideas?

Try changing the fuel pump and if that doesnt work try the o2 sensor

Why can't you restart your 97 vortec engine after warming it up and shutting it off. Wont start when warm?

next time it won't restart, try disconnecting temp sensor

Do you need to reset the computer after installing a new cam sensor?

usally you do . if it doesnt work restart your computer,

How do you fix a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country van that has no spark?

i have changed out the crank sensor, and spark plugs. also i have checked power to the coil pack and still have no spark to the spark plugs. i changed the coil pack as well. i have fuel and i get gas thru the fuel rail. any help.