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96 Excort vibrationI'll bet one of the axle's is bad. Had similar experience on a GEO. Would center itself coasting but on accelaration would vibrate. Could be either.
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How fast did Curiosity accelerate to get to Mars?

Really fast

How do you feel vibration?

it feels really weair as if like you are being eltricuted

Do vibration exercise machines really help you lose weight?

There are varying opinions on the quality of vibration exercise machines. Look for health related website that do not sell vibration machines themselves, an check out the testimonies of customers.

Can balanced forces really accelerate an object?

Yes, of course if there is force there is acceleration.

How does sound or vibration go through the ground as you play sports on the moon?

Well this is a really random question, but i really dont know.

What is used to accelerate protons?

accelerator chains made of really really strong superconducting electromagnets using liquid helium as a coolant

Why do I feel a vibration when I push on the gas pedal?

I think they all do this to a greater or lesser degree. Especially in high gear at low RPM. Really bad vibration might be the engine mounts.

What is the phrase XLR8?

XLR8 is a really fast alien accelerate XLR8 what do 1 and 1 make now?

What make the sound when a person is playing a guitar?

The strings are made of metal, so when you pluck them the vibration is picked up by things called "pick ups". Which are really just magnets that receive the vibration signals from the strings. Hope this helped :)

What is energy caused by an object's vibration?

because of the nucleus and proton cells ,the answer is um.... i don't really know its thermal energy is what it is

If there is nothing there to receive the vibration is it truly sound?

The vibration will always hit something (unless its in a vacuum- sound can't travel through a vacuum) and receive the sound, but its a philosophical question really whether it makes a noise if no one is around to hear it!

What cause vibration in a 240sx 93?

Out of Alignment, Bad Brake Rotor Runout. Loose Motor Mounts... It really depends on when it vibrates.

How is speeding up acceleration?

acceleration means to accelerate, which means you gain speed, or speed up. Their synonyms. Its not really much of a question, if you ask me.

Is there a place on earth were your clock stops or goes backwards?

Not really. The closest we can come to that is in big (really big) accelerators. In them, we accelerate subatomic particles to 99.999999% (or so) the speed of light. If those particles were wearing watches and we could see the watches, time would be almost stopped as we see them. Time will only slow down in an accelerated frame (compared to another frame). And it takes a really, really, really accelerated frame to cause time dilation to become obvious. Only at the speed of light will time actually stop. And we can't accelerate anything to that speed.

Do vibration plates really shake the weight off?

Medical experts agree that vibration plates, as well as most other types of vibrating exercise equipment, may provide a minimal boost to strength for a short time. However, these machines do not burn enough calories for them to be worthwhile for weight loss.

What is the heat in the substance really a measure of?

Heat is a measure of the molecular and atomic excitation of the substance, i.e. the degree of vibration that it has available to impart to other substances that it comes into contact with.

Does the Logitech RumblePad 2 Vibration Feedback Gamepad Game pad really feel like driving a car?

No, you don't get quite the same motions from that as you do a real steering wheel.

Does the green tea diet really help you lose weight?

According to, green tea has been proven to boost metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

Why does my Honda Accord ride really rough when I accelerate above 55 mph?

Might be imbalance in wheel(s) that hits a resonance frequency just there. Consider having your wheels balanced.

What will cause rust on a penny?

Leave it in salt water overnight and it will start to rust. Copper rusts a green color. You can accelerate the action with a little bleach if you really want it to rust quickly.

How does the mass of your vehicle affect an acceleration?

If it has more mass, it requires more effort - more force, really - to accelerate it. With a greater mass, the same force would result in less acceleration.

2003 ford windstar vibration in front drive axle right side?

If you have verified the vibration is coming from the axle, then it needs to be replaced. It's not really a bad repair job - even for us backyard mechanics. Vibrations can also come from a bad tire (split belts), or worn suspension parts. See "Related Questions" below for more

Is everything vibration?

Not in any meaningful way. There are some theories that propose something like this, but it really doesn't "mean" anything, and it certainly doesn't mean what most people think of when they talk about vibrations.

What does it mean when a new car clicks when it accelerate but seems to perform fine?

Could mean 2 things; Its programmed to do that, or theres a problem but it really doesnt matter because it still performs the same.

How do i calculate tension?

It really depends what information you are given. Quite often, you can use the fact that for an object to remain static (which implies it doesn't accelerate), the sum of forces on the object must needs be zero.

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