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Check for a vacuum leak in one of your hoses. Take each one off one at a time and plug the line to see if there is a difference. Dirty or bad fuel injectors could also cause this. Check your fuel pressure to make sure it is holding steady.

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Why is my Nissan engine shaking?

Have your motor mount checked.

Why is your Lexus rx300 shaking?

Because, you probably need to get it checked out

What is causing missing and shaking of truck on high gear only?

Check the Phazer's.

What should be checked to make sure power tools are operable?

If they run, no noises, clicing, shaking.

What does the text SMH mean?

Scratching My Head, Shaking My Head.Or that's what I thought it was when I lastly checked.

Your dog ate something and is shaking?

If a dog ate something and is shaking, it is best to immediately induce vomiting. Call an emergency vet to have the dog checked out as soon as possible because there is a risk of death.

Why is your cars steering shaking from side to side?

Could be several reasons, all of them bad. Get it checked by a mechanic now.

Why does a cat shake for 12 plus hours?

A shaking cat should be checked by a vet. Shaking like this could range from seizers, nerve damage from being hit by a car, hypothermia from being out in the elements, rabies can cause shaking as it attacks the nervous system, or even distemper.

Why is 1999 Jeep wrangler smoking and shaking real bad?

Have you checked for crossed plug wires? Moisture in the fuel system?

Why does my car start shaking like I've got a flat when I hit a bump in the road?

It could be that you have worn shocks. Have you checked them?

Changed rotors and brakes on 2000 Malibu ls and a shaking started?

Check the lug nuts

Ford Expedition shaking when stopping?

If it's only during stopping, I'd say warped rotors. Have the rotors and pads checked out.

What causes shaking at 70 miles per hour in an RV?

Start by having wheel balance and tire wear thoroughly checked.

What does smh mean in computer slang?

It's an acronym for "shake my head" or "shaking my head"

Shaking steering wheel and engine light on?

The shaking wheel part suggest that there might be an engine misfire, the engine light on suggests that the computer is trying to tell you what's wrong. Connect the engine to a diagnostic computer to see what's going on. The computer can often give you hints to the real problem.

What causes shaking in front end?

i would start by having tires checked and then balanced and wheels checked for trueness, if that doesn cure issue could be the alignment, a bad wheel bearing or worn suspension components

How do you get a 97 Kia Sephia motor to stop shaking?

It is probably missing. Take it to a garage to find out what is causing it. I've also found that if it's just a slight vibration you can change your spark plugs, change the PCV Valve and make sure you air filter has been changed lately. I had a problem with it shaking when the AC was on and through simply spending $40 to update those items the vibration subsided.

What will you do if your puppy is always shaking?

probably has urinating issues .go to vet to get bladder test done. can be treated and cured only if checked by a vet.

Is making a protein shake a chemical of physical change?

Shaking is a physical process.The chemical structure and composition of the compound is not changed.

What causes car shaking in Honda 03 accord when accelerating?

It could be a number of things. Try having your wheel alignment checked along with your tires for knots

1995 Camaro shakes when drived over 45 mph?

on my 94 3.4 maro i had the same problem so i went a head and checked the pistons and the cylinder head for cracks but it turned out to be the camshaft it was all worn so i got that changed oh and i changed the timing chain to. To complete it i changed the valve springs and did a complete tune up. Trust me its worth it you wont have that problem no more and your car wont start shaking but it was about 400$ well good look on your camaro

Why is my 1994 Toyota truck steering wheel shaking?

The first and easiest thing to check would be have the front wheels checked for balance, if doesn't fix problem well need to have the ball joints, tie rods ends, steering linkage checked.

What is shaking?

Bacon is shaking (:

I already changed the spark plugs and still the engine check is on and my expedition is shaking WHY?

try changing the spark plug wires also

What usual errors encountered in making measurements?

pointing at the same point may be changed and shaking of your hand may differ the measurements