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97 grand am start but blows fuse in reveres and shut off?

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What is the AM-2 fuse for in a 1994 Toyota Celica?

For Ignition. Your car will not start if this fuse blows, generally if there is a short.

2001 toyoto blows fuse when you go in reverse?

Not enough information. WHICH fuse blows out???

Fuse keep's blowing don't know what the fuse is for but when it blows the car wont start?

Sounds like it could be the ECM fuse. You need to have someone check it for a short.

How come whenever you try to start your 93' explorer it blows a 30 amp fuse?

You have a short.

Why a 1998 sebring wont start and blows 20 amp fuse?

Very likely the starter is bad.

Where is the central locking fuse on a Chrysler voyager?

The central locking fuse on a Chrysler Grand Voyager is in the fuse box under the bonnet, but strangely enough it's labelled 'fuel heater'. Mine regularly blows!

What is the problem when a fuse blows on a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country?

A fuse blows when there is a short circuit or an overload in the circuit.

Why the fuse is placed in live wire only?

So that the live wire is isolated when the fuse blows. If a fuse was placed in the neutral, the equipment would still be live when the fuse blows.

95 ford contour blows fuse link in reverse?

96 ford contour blows fuse link in reverse

Where is the heater motor fuse on 1999 grand Cherokee?

It's usually not the fuse, but a melted connector. This is a common fail on the GC. Check for an explanation of the problem and how to fix it. For some reason, the connector melts before the fuse blows.

What happens when a fuse blows?

When a fuse blows, it essentialy breaks the circuit. So the current can no longer flow, this is used as a safety measure.

14 hp Briggs and stratton blows fuse when you crank it?

12.5 hp Briggs And Stratton blows fuse when u crank it

Why does a fuse blow?

A fuse blows when the current draw of the circuit is greater than the capacity of the fuse.

Why a 20 amp fuse blows when you try to start a 2005 f 150?

You have a short somewhere in that circuit. It is going to take some detective work to locate the cause. Start with identifying which circuit the blown fuse protects.

What happens went a fuse blows?


The starter and fuel pump fuse blows in our 2001 chrysler sebring a lot almost every time it rains what could be the problem?

If it blows while driving, I would replace the fuel pump. If it blows when trying to start, I would replace the starter.

When a fuse blows?

When a fuse blows, you should replace the fuse and check to see what might have caused it to blow. It's a sign that there might be something causing too much current to flow in the circuit.

Your 2003 rendezvous will run great then when turn off engine it will not start a fuse is blown sometimes after replacing fuse it will start other times it blows again?

One of your sensors such as an 02 sensor has a naked wire that is grounding out blowing fuses

What causes the 15 Amp ignition fuse to keep blowing once the engine is turned on in a 1997 Acura Integra?


Truck blows fuse for ignition when turning key to start?

coil wires are crossed, you are sending juice to the negative lead when you hit your key

How do you disarm alarm in 1993 grand Cherokee wagoneer?

in the fuse panel next to the passenger door pull out fuse 6 and 7 By pulling fuse 6 the vehicle will not start.

When you plug thermostat to base to control a gas pack control fuse blows?

control fuse blows when you plug thermostat to base controlling a gas pack unit

94 grand Cherokee shuts down while driving blow engine control fuse in pcm after fuse blows jeep will crank but not start?

i had the same problem in my 96 jeep Cherokee check to see if your auxilary fan is shot if you are undable to tell just simply unplug the fan and give it a shot this solved my problem

Why don't my dash lights or tail lights work on my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Gt?

your fuse is blown. car manufacturerers make the dash lights go off when the tail light fuse blows so you know it is blown.

You just put in a new alternator in your 1995 jeep wrangler Now your heaterblower does not work The fuse was blown so you put in new fuse but everytime you start the jeep the fuse blows help?

Disconnect blower motor. Start car, then check fuse. If OK, most likely shorted blower motor needing replacement.