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Its def the sending unit, it comes with the fuel pump, auto-zone 255.00, dealer 400+. But, what is so cool is that you do not have to remove the gas tank, there is a door in the trunk (like volkswagons) remove some screws, remove that (under the carpet) then you can remove the whole pump and sending unit, takes about 20-25 min, but keep rags or ? for any gas drips. may need tool to separate the fuel lines and also relieve the fuel pressure if replacement is needed. I was suprised to see the door on a GM. But its a good idea !

AnswerYour fuel sending unit is probably bad. This won't affect your car, other than leaving you in the dark as to how much gas you have. Fixing it involves replacement of the sending unit, which often is mounted in the fuel tank on a stem. I haven't needed to do this on my '99 Intrigue, but usually getting to it requires removal of the fuel tank. The part itself is usually about $50-$100. It may be possible to repair the sending unit once you see what has gone wrong and how it is constructed.
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Q: 99 olds intrigue fuel gauge always shows full when car is started any ideas car runs fine I just stop and fill up every 250 miles?
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