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9 days late 2negative pregnancy tests very light brown spotting the last 2 days?

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2007-10-09 06:17:46

i'm in the same boat as all you girls. Im 9 days late and i just

did my HPT yday, which came out negative. Prior to this, I guess I

have done about 8-9 HPT test from the first day I missed my menses.

Im having all kinds of symptoms like bloatedness, thirsty, feel

lethargic and nausea. My menses normally come on time every month

and I am seldom late. My dh says I am exaggerating all the symptoms

and it's just driving me crazy as i keep thinking about this and

kept doing HPTs. Should i see the doctor to do a blood test ? Or is

it too early to tell that Im pregnant ?

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