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Each of those systems has it's OWN FUSE. Replace ALL of the affected system fuses with the proper size fuse in the correct fuse holder position, which is under the dashboard.

For a proper fuse diagram, go to a Ford dealer, in the parts dept ask for a photocopy of the fuse chart, and give the guy five bucks for his time and trouble, then buy the proper Ford fuses while you are there.

Further ideas. The heater and defroster have an electric motor that moves the air, is the motor burned out? Need to check that, too.

Turn signals, need a working flasher unit, to work properly, as well as four working turn signal bulbs. Check the flasher unit, located under the dash, silver round thingy with prongs that go into the fuse block, left side under dash. Check the turn signal and brake light bulbs, for proper operation , too.

Sounds like the ignition switch is coming a

part. pull the lower colum trim to see the switch. they separate where the plastic joins the metal. you can push it back together and bend the tabs back to secure it or replace the switch.

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Q: A 1990 Mustang turn signals defroster and heater stopped working and the fuse is good where is the fuse in the engine located?
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How do you fix a turn signals that has stopped working in a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire SE?

i fnone of the turn signals work, the first placeto look is the flasher can. this is a clyander usually located in or near the fuse box. there are 2 of these.1 is for turn signals, other is for 4 way flashers

Turn signals stopped working on 1995 GMC Sonoma fuses good and replaced flasher what is wrong?

Check the ground wire for your lights, located on the frame somewhere Lisa

How do you repair a rear defroster that stopped working on a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero?

There is a repair kit available to repair the grid. A test light will find the break in the grid.

My turn signals stopped working on my 1995 ford bronco What do I do?

Check fuses and turn signal flasher

How do you fix the turn signals in a 2001 Passat that has stopped working?

Check fuse, bulbs, and flasher relay.

All Turn Signals on a 2001 Lincoln Continental stopped blinking Ideas?

check the fuses and the flasher.

If the radio and air conditioner and rear window defroster stopped working on 1995 contour what would be the cause?

it may be your alternator or your battery. Whenever those "unneccesary" gadgets go out first it usually signals low power going into your car. When your vehicle notices it has low power going in, it tries to kill as many extras your car is using as possible. Hope this helps!

What should you check if your heater stopped working in a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?

Which part isn't working? Is it blowing air but it stays cold, is it not blowing at all or is it just blowing to the defroster?

Your turn signals stopped working in your 2001 Voyager?

More than likely the Flasher Relay is defective. Replace it.

Failure to terminate a BUS topology will result in what problem?

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Turn Signals and Emergency Flashers stopped working on my 2002 Chevy S10 where is flasher at?

it is behind the glove box.

I have a 1999 ford mustang cobra and i stopped at a stop sign and i accdently stalled and wont turn over but it cranks help?

If your 1999 Ford Mustang cranks but won't turnover you may have a problem with the starter, the solenoid, or the alternator.

What happend to your dome light and radio it stopped working in your 94 mustang?

Blown fuse. Your brake lights don't work either.

Why did my headlights taillights and dash lights stopped working when flashers brake and turn signals work fine what happened?

in dash lights

Turn signals on subaru impreza have stopped working checked all fuse plus relays .can anyone help cheers?

check if reverse lights are working, if not replace the reverse switch plug located underside near the gear box, centre of car, there are two plugs, check if wires are frayed, this happened to me and when I replaced this my turn signals started working. hope this helps

Is a 2011 Mustang better than a 2010 Ferrari Enzo?

If you mean better in terms of performance, then no. By the way, there is no 2010 Enzo. Ferrari stopped production in 2004.

Why your defroster suddenly stopped?

The water is not circulating through the heater core or you have a control problem. If the heater is putting out heat then it is probably a control problem. If no heat then - water pump out, low on coolant, or maybe the therostat is stuck open.

Your turn signals and your airconditioning both stopped working at the same time you checked the fuse box the fuses appear to be okay?

Perhaps Ignition switch Wipers Work?

93 town car that the signals stopped flashing emergency flashers still work you have checked fuses and bulbs help?

The directional signals and the emergency flasher each have their own flasher unit. They are the same type of flasher and should be beside each other under the dash.

What is a quick fix if the turn-signals stop working on a Mercury Sable?

If your turn signal flashers stopped working, play with the emergency flasher button on top of the steering column. Our 97 Sable turn signals quit once and luckily I pushed the emergency flasher button in and out many times and the signals have worked ever since. But the emergency flashers don't work, but I can live with that.

My Chevy S10 turn signals stopped working altogether hazzards still work Anyone know why?

I think there are two different flashers one for blinkers and one for the flashers.

MY 1990 LeSabre turn signals have stopped coming on Have replaced bulbs flasher and checked fuses Any idea would be helpful?

Perhaps problem in the steering column switch?

The turn signals and hazards on my 1998 Hyundai accent have stopped working. Fuse is fine. Can anyone suggest something to try?

Try Replacing the Blubs since the Fuse is Fine

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