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The EGR system has two main parts: EGR Vacuum Modulator and EGR Valve. The EGR Vacuum Modulator is easy to find at the top-rear of the engine. It is round and has several vacuum hoses attached to it. This part can be removed by twisting/pulling the hoses and sliding it out of it's bracket. There is a filter inside the top cap of the EGR Vacuum Modulator which can be cleaned with soapy water. Dry it thoroughly after cleaning. The EGR Valve, also round, is directly below the Modulator and connected to the modulator via a vacuum hose. It can be removed by removing two 13mm nuts, one vacuum hose and one electrical connector. The electrical connector simply unplugs. NOTE: There is a thin gasket between the valve and the head. Do not lose this. Once you have the EGR Valve removed, detach the tube with the phillips-head screw and then Unscrew the EGR Gas Temp Sensor (the part with the wire). Clean the EGR Valve with engine cleaner or carb cleaner or parts cleaner. Mine was FULL of thick oil/gunk. Clean the gasket, the temp sensor and the mating parts. Clean any gunk out of the hole in the head (a flexible mirror will help you see what's in there). Re-assemble everything. Don't forget to put the filter back into the Modulator. NOTE: The Modulator filter goes in with the smooth side down toward the ground. Reset your Check Engine fuse (15 Amp - located inside the under-hood fuse box).

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Q: A 1995 Toyota corolla automatic failed the low speed nox part of the Texas emission test what you can do to past this test Where is the egr valve and how do you clean it?
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The procedure for finding the problem depends on what the problem is that you failed to list.

Why would clutch fluid leak out on a 88 Toyota corolla?

Bad clutch slave cylinder or failed soft hose from master to slave cylinder.

Where is the failed shift solenoid located in Toyota 2006 Corolla?

There are 3 shift solenoids one on the outside of the transmission in the front, and two on the inside of the transmission

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You don't, it has a spring loaded tensioner, If the serpentine belt is loose the tensioner has failed and needs to be replaced

Lexus 1993 failed NOX emission but passed CO emission test what might be the problem?

i would like to know the answer, as I'm buying a 93 Lexus that has failed on the NOX ANY IDEA?......

Can a failed emission test comes from lack of a cover and coolant?

Yes, absolutely.

You have Toyota Camry 1998 your Airbag light at the front dash board is not turning ON when you turn on the car. Because of that emission test is failed. How do you fix that?

Check fuses for the air bag system. If they are ok. You have no choice but bring at the Toyota dealer place. There is not much what you can do when you have some problems with the safety system.

When to replace an alternator for a 2005 Toyota Camry?

You replace it when it has failed.

What is an emission problem?

it means you car is not "good enough" to meet the standards for you county/state rules for vehicle inspection. my car failed the emission test but i just needed an catylct concerter and i went back and passed

Does a 94 Toyota have a timing belt or a timing chain?

Some do and some don't . You failed to list what model Toyota and what engine, so I cannot answer your question.

When trying to restore a failed system what should you do next if Recovery console does not work?

Automatic System Recovery

Is fixing a failed shift solenoid valve SLT in a 2005 corolla going to be expensive?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it probably will. We have a 2005 Toyota matrix that needs to have the SLT solenoid repaired and i just got quoted $600.00 in labor plus the cost of the parts.... not to mention the $200.00 it cost just to get the diagnostic done.

Does the camshaft synchronizer affect automatic transmissions?

My cam synchronizer failed and it was causing the trans to shift erratically and to slip

Why doesn't my automatic mower move when i step on the peddle?

transmission failed i think... call your local mower shop.

Why is the turn indicators and hazard lights not working on your 2000 Toyota Camry?

Most likely the relay has failed.

1992 Toyota corolla completely failed in September Had a jump start and was fine until the cold weater started electrical problem has been a problem now the defrost is not working how do you fix this?

ok well if it is electrical then u must have a wire of a fuse that is getting wet so eather check the hole car or take it over

1994 Toyota corolla speedometer jumps to 45 mph then drops to 0 mph and stay's there is it a sender problem if so where is the sender located?

I have 3 possible solutions: first, replace the speed sensor. it is located on top of the transmission. if this didnt work, then try replacing the speedometer. last but not least, if all these failed, replace the ecm.

Your Toyota Paseo failed due to high hc?

Your catalytic converter may need to be replaced. Your CEL may be lit. Get your ECU scanned for trouble codes. The EGR may cause high "HC". This usually stands for hydrocarbons. If your engine has high mileage, burning oil contributes to increased levels of hydrocarbons on the emission test.

1992 gmc sierra truck 3055.0l engine failed emission high CO and HC also has stumble on idle what could be my issue?

Possible o2 sensor

93 aerostar 4.0 e4wd failed emission test new plugs wires fuel filter dist cap rotor button still failed hydrocarbon emission test mechanic set timing 3 degrees high and it passed what is wrong?

It now appears that the "mechanic?" maybe dumped alcohol in the gas tank to get it to pass Emission Test. Can I prove it now--No! However I am replacing the lifters,rocker arms, push rods and heads which had a cracked valve and loose valve stems. I have also been told you can not set the timing on this model.

If your 1995 Geo Prism has failed emissions tests twice should you replace the oxygen sensor or catalytic converter?

Depends on what failed on the emission test. HC? CO? NOx? Combination of these? Check to make sure all the vacuum lines are okay. No cracks or anything.

Why doesn't the digital clock of a Corolla Ceres 1992 display anything?

Check the fuses. If they are good, the electroluminescent display has failed. The flourecence may have been affected by temperature change or age.

What does code P0440 mean?

Evaporative Emission Control System MalfunctionCausesThe gas cap is not installed or working properlyThe purge solenoid has failedThe canister is plugged and not working properly

Why would Jeep Liberty fail emission test?

Mine failed because I had a bad battery connection and my car had died the night before. I had to drive it for another 70 miles before it passed.