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Possible bad or clogged EGR Valve. It might also be a bad Map sensor.

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Q: A 91 pontica sunbird and it runs good when im driving until you get to a stop light and if you set to long your car dies what is causing this to happend you also have to hit the gas or it wontstart?
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How many gallons of gas are in a gas tank of 1999 pontica grand am?

4 and a half

How do you change a starter on a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville SSE?

how do you change a starter in a 1995 Pontica Bonneville?

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where is the oil pressure sensor on a 1995 pontica grand am 2.3l

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where is the computer location on 10/1999 Pontica grand prix(srs)

Need driverside mirror for 2000 pontica firebird?

look in junkyards or go to the Pontiac dealer. best places to find stuff like that

What other engines fit into a pontica fiero?

3800 sII 3.4 dohc northstar 3800 sII 3.4 dohc northstar ironduke

2006 pontica gran prix running lean?

Check for any disconnected hoses under hood and make sure fuel pressure is at proper spec.

If you drain your 2002 pontica can you refill with regelar antifreeze?

You should re-fill with Dex-cool anti-freeze, if not; the aluminum inside engine may corrode.

What is the 1 on ignition coil on 97 pontica firebird 3.8L?

Its the 1st igntion coil. V8 have distrubutors which is kinda the same your spark plug wires hook up to them.

Where can you find a wiring diagram 98 pontica trans sport?

The Chiltons and Haynes repair manuals will have the wiring diagrams. I have a 94 Trans Sport SE. I have both of those guides and they cover 1990 - 1999 Trans Sports.

You have no dash and tail lights on a 98 Pontiac transport and everytime you open the driver's door there is a constant dinging noise?

I had the same problem on my 1998 Pontica Transport. The solution was to replace the 20 amp fuse under the hood for parking lights.

Where can I find a diagram of a fuse panel for a 1998 Pontica Bonneville?

Inside the Glove Box the factory Booklet has the fuse panel layout with explanation of each fuse (i.e. Fuse 5 - Horn-20amp, etc.). If you don't have a booklet BUY ONE at a junk yaqrd or parts store.

94 pontica booneville wouldn't start good alternator?

We need more info. The alternator is necessary, but the starter turns the flywheel to start the engine requiring a good battery. Does the battery turn the engine over, does the engine fire the spark plugs. Is there sufficient gasoline in the tank to start the car? Please give symptoms. Thanks.

1995 Pontica Grand Am with water all in the drivers floor board Is this a heater core?

Probably, although it might be a heater hose. You will have to access the core in either case. If it smells like anti freeze then you may have a leak. If it is water then check your windshield seal. I have seen water leak down through the window post to the floor.

How do you get a radio out of a 2002 pontica Montana?

take out the radio , take out the ash tray, there are 2 screws to take off face plate off, once you have the plate off you can see there are 2 screws holding it in place remove them , when you pull it out the wire connectors have locking tabs on them, just be care full not to break them . and you can not put them in wrong or backwards how this helps

How do you get to the three inverted torques that keep the steering column together it is a 1986 pontica Trans AM and the steering wheel can move up and down and its not the tilt?

First, an inverted Torx socket is needed. It is necessary to remove the steering wheel, locking plate, turn signal switch, and upper tilt mechanism to get to the bolts. Once all components are removed, the socket (needs to be

How do you repair 2002 pontica grand prix air condition blower switch numders 1-2 do not function how can I slove this problem?

You need to change the blower motor resistor (under the passenger side glove-compartment). i have a 1997 Grand Prix with the same problem. A dealer can get it done but cheaper if you get the resistor from AutoZone, etc and have a mechanic or yourself change it.

1997 pontica sunfire accelaration bogs down what could the problem be?

Well, this could be due to many things, up to and including the car's computer. I'd try replacing the plugs, plug wires and the fuel filter. These are regular maintenance items and can often make a lot of difference. If this doesn't help, I'd run the car into a diagnostic center to get a better idea what's going on.