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I found this online, on the Bentley Publishers forum. It applies to all A4 Jettas. Fuse identities for A4.....

-----------------[ S8 ][S 12][S 16][S 20]

-----------[ S5 ][ S9 ][S 13][S 17][S 21]

[ S1 ][ S3 ][ S6 ][S 10][S 14][S 18][S 22]

[ S2 ][ S4 ][ S7 ][S 11][S 15][S 19][S 23]

[ S 24 ] [ S 31 ] [ S 38 ] -- -- --

[ S 25 ] [ S 32 ] [ S 39 ] R R R

[ S 26 ] [ S 33 ] [ S 40 ] S S S

[ S 27 ] [ S 34 ] [ S 41 ] -- -- --

[ S 28 ] [ S 35 ] [ S 42 ] R R

[ S 29 ] [ S 36 ] [ S 43 ] S S

[ S 30 ] [ S 37 ] [ S 44 ] -- --

S1=10 AMP=Heated washer nozzles, glove compartment light, memory seat...

S2=10 AMP=Turn Signal System

S3=5 AMP=Fog Light Relay, Instrument Panel Dimmer Switch

S4=5 AMP=License Plate Lamps

S5=7.5 AMP=Comfort System, Cruise Control, Climatronic, A/C, Heated Seat Control Modules, Day/Night Dimming Mirror, Control Module and Control Unit for Multifunction Steering Wheel.

S6=5 AMP=Central Locking System

S7=10 AMP=Back-up Lights, Speedometer Vehicle Speed Sensor.


S9=5 AMP=Anti-Lock Brakes.

S10=10 AMP for GAS/5 AMPS for Diesel=ECM

S11=5 AMP=Instrument Cluster

S12=7.5 AMP=B+ (battery positive for data-link connector) (DLC).

S13=10 AMP=Brake Lights

S14=10 AMP=Interior Lights, Central Locking System

S15=5 AMP=Instrument Cluster, Automatic Transmission Control Module (TCM).

S16=10 AMP=A/C Clutch, After Run Coolant Pump.


S18=10 AMP=High Beam Right

S19=10 AMP=High Beam Left

S20=15 AMP=Low Beam Right

S21=15 AMP=Low Beam Left

S22=5 AMP=Parking and Side Marker Lights, Right

S23=5 AMP=Parking and Side Marker Lights, Left

S24=20 AMP=Front Wiper Motor, Washer Pump

S25=25 AMP=Fresh Air Blower, Climatronic, A/C

S26=25 AMP=Rear Window Defogger

S27=15 AMP=Rear Wiper Motor

S28=15 AMP=Fuel Pump, Gas Engine Only

S29=15 AMP Gas/10 AMPS Diesel=ECM

S30=20 AMP=Sunroof Control Module

S31=20 AMP=Automatic Transmission Control Module

S32=10 AMP Gas for Fuel Injectors/15 AMP Diesel for ECM

S33=20 AMP=Headlight Washer System

S34=10 AMP=Engine Control Elements

S35=30 AMP=12 VDC Outlet in Trunk

S36=15 AMP=Fog Lights

S37=10 AMP=Radio Terminal 86S, Instrument Cluster

S38=15 AMP=Central Locking System (w/ Power Windows), Luggage Compartment Light, Remote Fuel Tank Door, Rear Lid Unlock.

S39=15 AMP=Emergency Flashers

S40=20 AMP=Dual Tone Horn

S41=15 AMP=Cigarette Lighter

S42=25 AMP=Radio System

S43=10 AMP=Engine Control Elements

S44=15 AMP=Heated Seats

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Q: A fuse schematic for a 2001 VW Jetta?
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