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Here Is A List Also

Taylor Swift (2006-2012 changed pop to country)

Rihanna(Needed Me Song yey)

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Bob Dylan

Rolling Stones


Gwen Stefani



Michael Jackson

and last but not least Lady Gaga

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What is a contribution in music?

Contribution means how the person influenced or changed music. For example Lady Gaga changed the way people look at pop music and then she influenced Kesha.

How has pop music changed?

depending on the generation. different people and different time periods like different music.

How have pop music changed?

i consider pop to have degressed in quality.

Why were the beach boys music so important?

They changed pop music

Who invented pop?

The term "pop" is short for popular music. As long as music has been around there has been popular music. The sound of popular music has changed over the years the same way that fashion has changed over the years.

How does pop music make people feel?

pop music stands for popular music and it makes people feel good and special.pop music makes me feel pretty good. but i don't know about other people.

Who are some female pop singers?

a list of all pop music singers from 1980-2009

How has pop music changed over the last century?

by ichel jackson

What genre of music is Skye Sweetnam?

The singer, songwriter and actresss, Skye Sweetnam, is Canadian born. Her original genre of music was pop-punk. Pop-punk music is a fusion of punk rock with pop rock music. Ms. Sweetnam later changed her genre to simply pop.

DEfinition of Pop music?

pop music abbreviation of "popular" most people understand it if you think about: "commercially recorded music"

What type of music did people from 1999 listen to?

pop music

What kind of music do people listen to in Bolivia?

Pop Music

What does the root word 'pop' mean?

Pop = people Popular Population "Pop"music

Why has pop music changed?

Society has changed,people listening to the music change,so everything else ahs to or it dies off like children today seem to be more ``adult`` so everything that relates to them has to change to stay àround

What kind of people listen to pop music?

Any person can listen to pop music. Imma just say people who like listening to it.

When did pop music came about?

Popular music (music of the people) is, I guess, the original type of music, so the first caveman to beat out a rhythm, started pop music.

How has music changed sine 1948?

there is all types of music now instead of old boring music theres rapping and pop and alsorts

Where can one find a list of new pop music songs?

A list of new pop music songs can be found from many different resources. Music2Movies and PopDust are two websites that feature such lists, ordering them based on which were the best.

What does people in Sweden listen to?

pop music

What music do people listen to in Myanmar?

People listen to pop

How has the ''lyric'' changed since Sappho's time?

How lyrics changed since sappho`s time was that we have music which singers perform like , pop music and etc.

How has music and dance changed since the 1930's?

There is a lot that has changed in music since 1930 for instance the styles of music because in the 1930's there was swing and jazz but now there is hip hop and pop.

What music did people listen to in the 1990s?

they listened to pop, rap and alternative music

What type of music do people here in Zimbabwe?

They play pop and folk music

What are types of music people listen to in vermont?