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yes .

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Q: A marine biologist wants to investigate the effect of ocean tides on certain aquatic ecosystems. Can this be studied by the scientific method?
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A marine biologist wants to investigate the effect of ocean tides on certain tides on certain aquatic ecosystems can this be studied by the scientific method?


What ecosystems are aquatic?

Oceans, sea , rivers and other water bodies are the ecosystems that are referred to as aquatic. The ecosystems that are aquatic are freshwater and saltwater(marine).

Which organisms fix nitrogen in aquatic ecosystems?

normal name: blue-green algae scientific name: cyanobacteria

What equipment do you need to be a marine biologist?

water,aquatic organisms,aquatic plants and saltwater

Are aquatic apes real?

No. There is no scientific evidence to support the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis. Nor are there any scientific papers in any reputable, peer reviewed scientific journals that support this hypothesis. After the last proponent to support this hypothesis, Hardy 1960(marine biologist), the main prominent proponent of it is Elaine Morgan who is not a scientist but a screenwriter.

What does aquatic ecosystems affect?

An aquatic ecosystem is an ecosystem located in bodies of water. Types of aquatic ecosystems are The Marine Ecosystem and The Freshwater Ecosystem.

What type of scientist studies aquatic life?

marine biologist

How much does an aquatic biologist get paid per year?


What are four main factors that affect aquatic ecosystems?

The four main factors that affect aquatic ecosystems are waters depth, temperature, flow, and amount of dissolved nutrients.

What is the job of an aquatic biologist?

I am a Environmental Biologist but specialize in fisheries. I would define a aquatic biologist as one that studies the aquatic environment and its habitat and fisheries within that environment. It requires experience with conducting research (designing, coordinating and conducting research), report writing and giving presentations. Each aquatic biologist woudl specialize in their own area (ie. research, invertebrates, fisheries, water characteristics, phytoplankton, etc...). Hope this helps.

How are aquatic ecosystems determined?

An Aquatic system is determined by depth, flow, temperature, and chemistry of the overlying area.

Aquatic ecosystems where fresh and saltwater meet are called?