A mother with deceased daughter with living children have first burial rights over living children?

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That is a really tricky one...I hate to say it, but I think the living children have first burial rights IF they are adult age (18+)...because the way i think of it, when your daughter became an adult, you ceased being her guardian...you may wanna ask a lawyer though
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Your aunt died intestate with one living sibling and the other sibling was your deceased mother. You have three living siblings and one deceased sister. Would her children be heirs of your aunt?

Answer Generally, yes. The same rule would apply in each case. You and your siblings inherited your deceased mother's interest and your sister's children would inherit their

What are father's visitation rights when he lives out of state and his children live in South Dakota with their mother?

That matter must be addressed by the court that has jurisdiction over the divorce and the children. The father must file a petition for visitation and request a court ordered

Are children of deceased given priority over mother of deceased?

Yes, children have priority over the mother of the deceased. They are the descendants it get priorty second only to a surviving spouse. Even without a will the spouse will com
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What if daughter is living in house after deceased mother and executor lives out of town?

Your question is rather sketchy. You have not said whether the daughter in question is a minor or an adult, or whether there is a designated guardian for her, or what provisio
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Do children have rights in or to community property if father dies but mother is living?

You need to check your particular state laws. In a community property state each spouse owns a one-half share of the marital property. In some states a spouse can dispose of t
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How do you sign over your rights to your mother you are the mother of the children?

You must visit the probate and family court and your mother must petition to be appointed the legal guardian for your children. The father must consent, or, there must be a he
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I am the only child of my father who is deceased. His mother passed away in California. She has one daughter and one step-son living. What are my rights to her estate if she had no will?

I am assuming that your grandmother does not have a spouse who is still living. In California, if a resident dies without a will or trust, then the laws of intestate successio