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Resample it to a lower bit rate. This will avoid the loss in quantity, but will add a loss in quality.

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Is the Conservatory of Recording Arts Sciences a good school?

No. You learn some things, meet some people but the paperwork you leave with is worthless. They care about making money, not making music.

How do you write a sermon out of the Bible?

You don't write a sermon from the Bible, you read a passage and let the Holy Spirit give you the sermon. Read a passage then write some foot notes and then hold on to the pulpit ! If it be the Lords will he will give you that sermon! Praise God !

What are the functions of multimedia?

The functions of multimedia are so many in the industry. Some of them include broadcasting, film making and recording among others.

How do you write a sermon?

You start with a pen/pencil and some paper.

What are some recording studio numbers?

= What are some recording studio numbers? = Some recording studio numbers are number 24 based on the number of track tapes being used also 9

What does a preist do at the sermon?

The sermon is usually based on part of one of the Bible readings for the day. The sermon is therefore used for several things: 1. The priest will use the sermon to explain or elaborate on passages in the reading(s), especially if they are difficult or controvertial. 2. He (or, in some denominations, she) will also use the sermon to illustrate how the message of the scripture is relevant today. 3. Finally, the sermon is used to encourage Christians, and give them something to think about and pray about during the week.

Does Gordon Lightfoot poop light bulbs out his stinkhole when he is on the toliet making doo doo?

no is this some joke becuase we might have to delete it and what is a stinkhole

What is bgsa upload in nokia X2?

I was purchased Nokia X2 phone. What is BGSA upload 2... file in gallery recording folder some time it shown in twice. I can delete only file and next one file shown "can not delete" Pl confirm it. Is it virus? Arun email id is ""

What are the best recording studios in NYC?

There are some best Recording Studios on Manhattan. Scroll down to related links and look at "Recording Studios on Manhattan".

How a file can permanently be deleted from hard drive?

Delete file by pressing Shift + Delete key which will delete the file without moving it to Recycle Bin. Also, this files can be recovered using some file undelete utilities. If you are asking about making sure files can be recovered by any means than you can use some utility available on internet which will wipe files completely out of your system.

If i delete all the updates on your Xbox will it delete game progress?

Well it mostly depends on what game updates you want to delete. when i delete some updates the game progress does not delete so I'm guessing no it does not delete your progress.

How do you connect a computer and mixer for recording?

some how

Delete some attachments from an email?

delete all attachment to my email .or picture i send out.

Why do some web searches don't delete?

None delete.. actually you may be able to delete them form view. but they will always be stored away.

What is a sentence for uninspiring?

Some sentences which featuring the word 'uninspiring' include:Some of the artist's recent work has been uninspiring, but this exhibition truly lifts the spirits.The new color scheme was well-planned but uninspiring in effect.We found yesterday's sermon uninspiring.Every new recording from this group has been excellent compared with the somewhat uninspiring performances of the past.

How do you delete YOUR own Account in Pokemon Indigo?

you can delete some progress using a beta prosess

How do you delete saved email to the computer?

Well, I just delete them from my inbox and after that I will also delete from the trash folder...And some times going on Recycle bin ...

How do you delete a Gmail account on a phone?

You can delete an account from the same place you created it. The settings has the delete option. Follow some steps and the account will be deleted.

How do you delete people's MySpace?

There is no way to delete OTHER people's MySpace unless they have some illegal content on their page. If you want to delete your account then log on and find the link that says "Delete Account".

Delete temporary files?

there are some files that no matter what you do, you just can't delete it. In that case, you can try Long Path Tool to delete it. Here's the link:

How do I delete an array in Excel?

Select the entire array and press the Delete key. There are usually only problems if you want to delete some, but not all of the cells in the array.

What was another name for the sermon on the mount?

It is often known by some of its components, including the beatitudes and the golden rule.

Can you delete Windows 7?

yes some how

Can you legally tape record a police officer during a traffic stop?

Some states have laws that prohibit making a sound recording of any communication unless all of the parties have been advised the recording is being made. This applies even if the communication is taking place in a public place. There is an ongoing case in Maryland where a motorcyclist was stopped by a plainclothes Maryland state trooper after the cyclist was observed speeding through traffic at around 100 mph. The cyclist had a small camera mounted on his helmet, as he intended to make a video of this and post it on YouTube. The camera captured the sound and video of the trooper's actions. The cyclist is now facing trial for making a covert sound recording, which is a felony in Maryland. Most states do not have this law, but the safest course of action would be to advise any officer you are recording that the recording is being made. I am unaware of any law that would allow the officer to order you to stop recording him, or to take the recording device from you.

How can rust be useful?

Rusting can be used as a natural red pigment and for darkening some types of wood. It can also be used as product in making magnetic recording tapes and thermite powder used to melt steel.