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A routing chart for vacuum lines on a 78 350?

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need more info what carb or fuel inj sys is on the engine?? Rochester 4MV series

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Can you show diagram for 1976 Seville 350 rocket vacuum lines?

Can you please direct me to were I can get a vacuum diagram for a 1996 Seville

Chevy 350 shuts down when put in reverse?

Check all vacuum lines.

Where would you find a vacuum line routing diagram for a small block 350 with a 600 cfm edelbrock carb on it?

go to google or yahoo and do a search for "vacuum line routing edelbrock"..... it should give you alot of pages. choose the one from edelbrock.

Need a cacuum emissions diagram hose routing for a 1978 Chevy nova 350 4 barrel?

There should be a sticker located in the engine compartment that shows the emission related vacuum line routing.

Where can you find a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1998 Ford E-350 Van with 5.4 liter?

Ford puts most of their vacuum hose diagrams on the air filter housing cover.

Where can you find a diagram for the vacuum lines in a 1989 Chevy van with a 350 motor?

go to, they have exactly what you are looking for

No vacuum to a 99 ford diesel e-350 ac?

The vacuum that operates the doors for an ac system is created from the vehicles engine. Check under the hood for vacuum lines that have cracked or have become disconnected to start.

Location of vacuum lines on 1995 350 Chevy?

i know one hooks to the brake booster on chevrolet's and toyota's. just follow it from there.

2005 ford f-350 auto hubs not engaging?

The automatic hubs are activated by vacuum. Check for broken or disconnected vacuum lines especially behind each front wheel.

When you shift your 1992 Chevy 8-cylinder 350 in to drive it dies?

Could be a lean condition. Check all vacuum lines.

Only have 14 lbs of vacumn at idle 350 Chevy why?

more than likely you have a leaking vacuum line. some of those lines are really thin, and the smallest puncture will cause a loss of vacuum.

What is the vacuum on 96vortex 350?

18 to 21 inches of vacuum is a normal reading on a vacuum gauge.

What causes a 350 Chevy engine to backfire at idle and when decelerating?

That usually means it's lean. Check all vacuum lines and gaskets for leaks.

Where do you get vacuum hose diagram for 84 Chevy K10 truck with a 350?

It should be located to the left of the latch on your hood in front of the radiator. The diagram shows the specific paths of the emissions system routing. If this isn't what you are looking for could you be more specific than vacuum. Do you mean the breaking system, or Emissions?

What creates vacuum on a 350 Chevy engine?

The engine itself creates Vacuum once it is running.

Chevy 350 stalls?

check for vacuum leaks

What should the vacuum be in lbs at the carburetor on a 350 using vacuum assist brakes and vacuum wiper?

18 to 21 inches at idle

Where are the vacuum lines on chevy 350 motor?

You would need a ported source for the distributor, constant for a pcv valve, constant for power brakes, and constant for transmission modulator if automatic.

What is the vacuum on1996chevy vortex 350?

That engine should have 18 to 21 inches of vacuum at an IDLE. You can find a vacuum source on the intake manifold.

Can you run a transmission with out the vacuum line on a 84 350 Chevy?


Should a 350 have vacuum to distributor at idle?

NO. It needs ported vacuum. This means that it should only have vacuum on it when you bring the rpms up off of adle.

Where can you find the schematics for an 84 Chevy van 350 vacuum lines?

Hey Steve==Right now the AUTOZONE.COM site is experiencing problems but they should have them cured shortly and you can go there and find them. GoodluckJoe

Why does your Chevy 350 die when coming to a stop?

If this is a carbureted engine, it could be a vacuum leak. Or possibly a low float. Or maybe the timing is off. If there haven't been any recent changes to the tuneup, I'd be looking over the vacuum lines and intake gaskets real close.

How do you increase vacuum for a 1972 Chevrolet Blazer 350 engine?

The engine's vacuum is mostly controlled by the cam. You can use a milder cam to increase vacuum, or purchase an inexpensive vacuum reservoir to make better use of the vacuum you have.

Are all vacuum modulators on a turbo 350 transmission adjustable?