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A user id or an user-id?


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The English language depends on how it sounds. Since "user" doesn't start with a vowel sound, it should be "a user-id."

"An" is sometimes used with words starting with 'h' where the 'h' is soft or silent, so the word almost starts with a vowel sound, but this usage is becoming less common with time. For example, "a historic event" sounded incorrect; "an historic event" was the right way to say it. There are other instances where "a" is correct. I think it is when the initial vowel sound of the noun is like a "diphthong", a vowel or vowel combination that changes value while it is being pronounced. So it sounds correct to say "a university" and "a euphemism".

It seems that "an" is used to solve the need to make a "stop" between vowel sounds, and it is jarring to my ear when people don't use "an" for this purpose. "Can you give a example" is awkward, because I want to make (and hear) a distinct "a" sound followed by a distinct "e" sound. Another example is "in the blink of a eye".


"User" does not begin with a vowel sound, but with a consonantal y-glide. That is why the n of an is dropped.


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#/bin/bash export UNAME=`whoami` export USERID=`id -u $UNAME` echo $USERID

The userid of the superuser is always 0. See the `id` command: `id -u root` yields 0.

For example if we have database named "users", and we need user information from table "user_info", which has next parameters: 'userId', 'userName','Name','Age'. $sel = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users.user_info WHERE userId='$methodId'"); $ar = mysql_fetch_array($sel); echo " User Id is:".$ar['userId'].", UserName: ".$ar['userName'].", Name: ".$ar['Name'].", Age: ".$ar['Age']." ";

(user)15brain40pa (password)piglet

This code really works! (1) Enter a page in mozilla firefox. (2) In another page,write: (3) copy the user id "userid=247543931" to ypur profile in"edit my profile". (4) after you have copied the user id,write like this ex: userid=247543931{the number of viewers you want to have}. (5) save profile. You're welcome!

U lost ur userid and pw of rapidshare??? Well no way to retrive it back just buy a new one since u also lost ur email id

user id = 5int5674774 key id = hekz6-8b4ex-498b7

That is just the situation on my pc, and as far as I know my user id is the only user id on the system, and therefore the first such. But I haven't checked to make sure. So, is this a trick question, is there actually some system generated user id that precedes the first added user id?

A user with an ID does not have a profile. He is a "guest" who does not have an account on WikiAnswers.

User ID: Stop piracy Key: Buy your copy.

You will get a temporary userID and password from your manager, so you can access your account. Inside your account, you can change them to a permanent ID and password.

First go to their profile. IN the URL bar, it should say userid=[user's id]. That's the ID. You can find your by clicking on profile, then clicking on view public profile. Then your ID should show.

All the <a href="[">wicked">wicked] ships</a> at ROBLOX are cool at the FREE virtual world ROBLOX

No one knows this for sure. The user 'Roblox' has a user Id of 1 but many people believe that the id was changed.

A account id is the code used by a user to identify him/her when him/her logs into a system and starts a log in session.It is used by the system to uniquel identify this user. A user id is one-half of a set of Credentials

CNF is IBM's Certificate Name Filters When an entity at one end of an SSL channel receives a certificate from a remote connection, the entity asks RACF if there is a user ID associated with that certificate. The entity uses that user ID as the channel user ID. If there is no user ID associated with the certificate, the entity uses the user ID under which the channel initiator is running. For more information about which user ID is used, refer to the WebSphere MQ for z/OS® System Setup Guide.

To change the caller ID on a Blackberry open the User menu than click User Profiles. Once the user profile is opened, open the Outgoing Caller ID (ANI) tab to change the caller id details.

The user name & password is stored in a database. The info is fetched from the Signup/Registration process and stored in the database. When the user wants to log in, he enters the UserID and password used in the registration. Then the system checks if there is any entry with the UserID and Password in the database. If yes the user is logged in. If not, the user gets an error message. This is the core logic of "login." There are many additional methods to enhance security e.g. SSL, encryption, etc.

This is usually the user - either your student-id or a user name you have been given from the BlackBoard administrator.

A user marked by their ID is not a registered user. Therefore, they do not even have a name. These users are considered 'guests' to WikiAnswers, since they do not have an account, and are identified by an ID so their contributions can be tracked.

User group and user ID identify a specific user.

Go to the history page and look at the user id - that is who has created or edited the page. If no user id appears and it is just numbers, then the user has posted anonymously from an IP address.

There are several listed user ID's and Key ID's for Guitar Pro 6 as of 2014. A common user ID used is AROB227697 and a common key is 48714-23748-28602.

In order to obtain a user ID and a key ID for Guitar Pro 5.2, you will need to purchase the software. You cannot obtain these ID's without buying the program.

i have lost my user id and password of my net banking in SBI.Now i want to know what can i do.

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