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About sponsoring a caregiver?

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Caregivers are individuals who are qualified to care

independently for children, the elderly or people who have


There is a shortage of Canadians who are available to work as

live-in Caregivers. In order to keep up with such a demand the

live-in Caregiver Program was developed to bring qualified foreign

people who are available to work on a live-in basis.

The host family, which is the employer, will pay the caregiver

no less than the minimum wage set by the province in which the

caregiver is working.

From the salary above, the employer (host family) will deduct

specific amounts in order to pay various contributions. Part of the

contributions is paid by the caregiver, part of them by your

employer and there are contributions paid both by the caregiver and

the employer. The principal deductions are:

· Room and board (the amount will be specified in your


· Income tax

· Employment insurance

· Canada pension plan

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