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Sounds like the WOT Cut-off switch may be bad. (WOT means Wide open throttle) It seems as if the switch itself is triggering this problem. The switch's job is to disconnect the compressor from the belt system under heavy loads i.e. WOT. The A/c Stops cooling (but the fan should continue to run) and the heater stops heating (and the fan should continue to run) Working on the WOT cut-off isn't recommended as a "DIY" job. I suggest you take it to a dealer and explain your predicament. I believe it may be the WOT Cut-off. By "accelerate back" I think your talking about backing off the accelerator. This is what lead me to the conclusion that it may indeed be the WOT Cut-off

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Q: Ac heat both work when you accelerate ac shuts off heat wont come on till you accelerate back works cant change temp in front even when working no codes noise of flap closing but blend door is good?
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