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Accomplishments while in office for Rutherford B. Hayes?

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During the Hayes Administration from 1877 - 1881, the major events included:

The end of Reconstruction ~ One of Hayes's first acts as President was to withdraw federal occupation from the South, as he had promised that he would do. On April 10, 1877, the soldiers left South Carolina, and on April 24, the last federal troops marched from Louisiana. Hayes hoped that the end of Reconstruction would restore the two-party system in the South. But, the Democrats won back their solid hold on the South.

Civil service reform ~ Hayes had fought Congress in the fight to reform the system, but, they refused to help him. However, the public supported the President, and it opened the way for later Presidents to make civil service reforms.

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Rutherford B. Hayes was the first President to visit the West Coast. He visited San Francisco in September of 1880.

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Rutherford B. Hayes was President when each of these inventions were made.(The is always a question about when an invention is made because there is a difference between making a lab prototype and producing a practical, marketable version of the product, but one reasonable date for each of these inventions falls while Hayes was in office.

Rutherford B. Hayes married Lucy Ware Webb, and they had 8 children. Of them, 5 lived into adulthood, while 3 died as babies.Here's the list:Birchard Austin Hayes (Nov. 4,1853- Jan. 24, 1926)(James) Webb Cook Hayes (March 20, 1856 - July 26, 1934Rutherford Platt Hayes (Jun. 24, 1858- Jul. 31,1927)Joseph Thompson Hayes ( Dec. 21, 1861- Jun. 24, 1863)George Crook Hayes (Sep. 29, 1864- May 24, 1866)Frances "Fanny" Hayes Smith (Sep. 2,1867- Mar. 19, 1950)Scott Russell Hayes (Feb.18, 1871-May 6, 1923)Manning Force Hayes (Aug. 1, 1873- Aug. 28, 1874

Some major events during the presidency of Hayes included the Compromise of 1877, the ending of Reconstruction, the Bland-Allison Silver Purchase Act, and the founding of the Knights of Labor.

Rutherford B. Hayes was wounded several times, once seriously, during his service in the Civil War.

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The United States might have had a bigger population while he served as the 19th president of the United States from 1877 to 1881

Rutherford Hayes was wounded several times while serving in the Civil War, if that is what you mean. No US president was ever wounded in a civil rights demonstration.

Rutherford is famous for having a telephone installed in the White House, also a typewriter. He also was the first President to travel the West while still in office. He won his election by a congressional commission. He was the only President to get wounded in the Civil War- four times He began the "Easter Roll" for children on the White House lawn. His wife, Lucy Webb Hayes, was the first President's wife to graduate from college. She also was nicknamed "Lemonade Lucy" because she refused to serve alcohol in the White House.

Grant visited California before he became President. Hayes was the first president to visit while he was in office.