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According to the Book of Mormon where did the Native-American race come from?

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2016-07-27 19:27:11

The "Native-American race", like that of Asia, Africa, and

Europe, is not just one distinct group; it's made up of a lot of

different groups. According to the Book of Mormon at least some of

their ancestors came from two migrations of groups from what is now

the Middle-East - one a bit prior to the fall of Jerusalem to the

Babylonians and one soon after.


In the Book of Mormon, Lehi and his family left the rest of the

Israelites and traveled via boats to a land promised to them. They

ended up in America. After some time, they forgot God and descended

into apostasy. So, the Native Americans are, according to the Book

of Mormon, descended from Lehi's family. May I add that only the

American Indian are the true remnant of the original peoples who

came from the old world. to set the record straight "Evidence for

diverse migrations into the New World also comes from Mitochondrial

DNA (mtDNA) research on living American Indian populations. These

studies have consistently shown similarities between American

Indians and recent populations in Asia and Siberia, but also unique

American characteristics, which the very early crania have also

shown. Evidence for only four mtDNA lineages, characterizing over

95 percent of all modern American Indian populations, may suggest a

limited number of founding groups migrating from Asia into the New

World. Recently, however, a fifth mtDNA lineage named "X" has

turned up in living American Indians and in prehistoric remains for

which there does not appear to be an Asian origin. The first

variant of X was found in Europeans and may have originated in

Eurasia. Naturally, generations of conflict, intermarriage,

disease, and famine would influence the genetic makeup of modern

Native Americans. Further work with mtDNA, nuclear DNA (which is

more representative of the entire genome), and Y-chromosome data,

the male-transmitted complement of mtDNA, will permit better

estimates of the genetic similarities between Old and New World

groups and help to determine when they would have shared a common


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