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You have to disconnect the exhaust system. When putting it back together, you must replace the gasket with a new one. You can use a GM starter as a replacement, it is much cheaper then one from Isuzu. Don't forget to disconnect the battery. There are two nuts and one quick-connect from the starter relay. The nut that secures the 12V from the battery and the quick-connect need to be removed. The other nut secures a ground to the starter chassis and does not need to be loosened. Also there is a way to remove the starter without removing the exhaust. You have to flip it end over end. There is very minimal clearance but it just squeaks past the exhaust. Much easier than

messing with downpipe.


My two cents...

After following the above directions for removal of the starter (without removing the downpipe) for about an hours worth of fiddling, I was unable to remove the starter this way, so I went back to the tried and true method.

My suggestion to others if get a can of "Aerokroil" spray down the bolts for the downpipe, and let the penetrating oil sit for about 10 minutes, spray it again real good, and let sit for around another 10 minutes... Then loosen the nuts carefully with a six-point socket (using a twelve-point on a this sort of application tends to strip the nut).

Be careful when removing the nuts on the bolts attached to the exhaust manifold as the tend to get brittle with age and snap. If you snap one of these bolts, you can pretty much expect to have to pull the exhaust manifold to extract them, but that is another project all together that is best avoided if possible.

Best of luck on your project,


2010-07-21 01:16:11
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