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you possibly blew a fuse. it may not be related to you O2 sensor

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Q: After installing O2 sensor before and after the catalyct converter my windshield wipers in my 99' Honda Prelude Type SH do not work how is this possible?
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After installing O2 sensor before and after the catalyct converter my windshield wipers do not work how is possible?

The question has only one of two possibilities: 1. you knocked a wire loose somewhere or moved one to a point where it has melted and shorted out. 2. it's just a coincidence and has nothing to do with your repairs.

Is it possible to have a crack in a car windshield repaired instead of replacing the entire windshield?

It is not possible to mend a crack in class. Once the molecular bond is broken, there is no way to restore it. Most windshield replacement services will come out and replace the windshield on-site.

Can you take 5.9 motor out of a 98 ram 1500 and put in your 99 durango that had a 5.2 motor in it?

It is possible, but the torque converter, computers are different.It is possible, but the torque converter, computers are different.

Can a muffler get clogged by a bad catalytic converter?

Yes it is possible.

How do you adjust the windshield washer sprayer on a 2002 GMC envoy?

No adjustment is possible.

Can a bad catalytic converter make my car overheat?

Not likely but possible.

Is it possible there is coolant in the catalyc converter?

Yes. If you have a blown head gasket and the coolant is entering the combustion chamber then it is also entering the converter.

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How can you pass inspection when you need a catalytic converter?

There's no possible way to pass inspection with a bad catalytic converter, if if you find out you have a bad catalytic converter during your inspection you have a chance after you after you have replaced the catalytic converter and the inspection no no charge/free!!

Why does a catalytic converter rattle?

Normally the heat shield on top of the converter is the source of the rattle. It is possible the the converter medium itself has broken into pieces resulting in a rattle that sounds as if there are rocks in the converter. If the heat shield and the rest of your exhaust seems secure, it is likely the converter needs to be replaced.

Is it possible to fix a windshield crack?

It is possible to fix a cracked windshield, depending on the size and depth of the crack. If it is relatively small and shallow, you can use any number of sealers offered at most auto parts store. If the crack is very deep, however, you may just want to replace the windshield, as sometimes crack repairs can fail, causing your windshield to crack even worse.

Why is coolant going on windshield of 88 Buick regal?

possible leak in heater core.

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