World War 2

After the USSR suffered such tremendous losses in World War 2 how did it become a world power after the war?

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2005-02-08 17:20:32

Complex Question! Despite the huge losses of life and material

the USSR suffered during the war, the Soviet Union occupied a huge

swath of Eastern Europe, and had a very large and effective

military under its command. The very strong central Communist

administration, although tyranical under Stalin, ensured that

political/economic collapse would not result. World powers arise

because of many factors such as their economic strength, ideology

and military power. Although the Soviet Union was weaker than the

West in an economic sense (excluding warmaking potential), it was

very strong ideologically and was very strong in a military sense.

The Soviet Union remade Eastern Europe, moving millions of people

and shifting borders, into its own defensive and economic bloc,

ensuring her status as a world power of the first order after the

war. No one can underestimate the resourcefullness and unflagging

will of the Russian/Soviet bloc peoples as well, who suffered and

rebuilt the Soviet Bloch and suffered great scarcity after the war.

They did the best they could to rebuild their homes and lives

without the kind of aid provided by the Marshall Plan.

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