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Yes he would still think about her and what they did. He may or may not still have feelings, if he doesn't those thoughts may go away after time. Memories will surface when they are around each other and the man should remove himself from a situation where they encounter each other if he trying to reconcile with his wife or girlfriend.


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When a married man gets caught seeing his mistress and still sees her it means he has no respect for his wife or any children they may have together and it is up to the wife to kick his butt out the door. He obviously wants his cake and eat it too and both the wife and mistress are being played as fools.

A mistress is a woman who is single, divorced, or sometimes still married. She gets involved with another married man.

ANSWER: It sounds like you are the mistress, am I right? Now why are you wondering if your married lover still cares for you,why did he leaves you? First of all he is not your husband, second he didn't promise you that you will have a life together, did he? Most married men will and one way or the other will fall in love with their mistress, but unfortunately his already done. His probably trying to work with his wife solving their problem. Or he finally learned that having you in his life is not what he wanted

It is not seeing her that is the issue. But what did she see her for.

by hypnotising i thing By divorcing her, then seeing her on a regular basis. Otherwise she is still your wife.

sometimes,possible because he still have feeling for his ex B: Some married man might but they will never admit it because of the pride and dignity that they have. The only person that might know is the mistress. If the married man fell in love with his mistress because everything is new, different than what he have with his old wife, yes he will think and missed her. With the mistress, gosh she will be thinking of her ex lover. She will missed the time that they spend together away from his family and friends. There are some mistress that will have hard time when her affair is over. When you loose someone you love, your heart will break either you are the wife or the mistress.

Your husband had a tongue in his head and he could have said 'no' to having an affair with the other woman or, he started the affair so it is up to the husband to resolve the problem with the mistress contacting the wife and himself. If the husband does not stop the ex mistress from phoning his wife and himself then the wife should at least apply for a separation because he may still be seeing the mistress.

If he assured you the relationship was over then it is doubtful he would drive by your house. However, if he was forced to stop seeing you by his wife it is possible he may still drive by your house. It all depends on the individual man.

They aren't married but they are still together

I don't know how to approach this one because I am not the mistress, but I have some idea of what might be if the married man divorce his wife and marry the mistress. If the married man and the mistress gets married, it will not be true love. The mistress becomes part of his life because he isn't happy anymore with his wife. After this is said and done, you as the mistress that become his new wife, you will have this notion of " what if he do this to me to?" If he didn't have a problem cheating, what do you think he might do when he gets tired of you. It will not be true love, but someone to be there for him when he needs you.

There are many celebrities that are married but have mistresses on the side. The most recent and prominent celebrity would still be Tiger Woods. He recently became engaged to his mistress after his wife divorced him.

Yes Gerard and Lyn-Z are still together and are happily married

Yes because you are still married you would qualify to use the MFJ status.

This married man do not know what he wanted to do, either he wants to keep his family together, and break up with his mistress. Or he wants to work his marriage and see if he can keep the mistress on the side. Either way, he is playing fire on both side. Some married man will know what they want if he get caught cheating, and there are some that will keep both wife and his mistress and take my words for it, he is taking you for a ride.

Yes, they are still together. They were engaged for a long time and they got married in May of 2010. As of 2011 they are still together.

yeppp cinnamon and apple are still together with their baby Milk

ANSWER: I don't know the situation, but if you are the ex mistress why in god's name you wanted to know the sign if thie married man still wants you. If the two of you stop seeing each others, it means stop and move on. If you are the wife, it will be hard to know if your husband works with the other woman. The only thing you can do is always ask him and tell him that you need his honesty. It will take a while for you to trust him again and it's normal.....good luck....Malia

No he is not married, but has had a long term relationship and they have a son together.

Still together after 25 years or something... never got married.

Yes, the pair married in 1992, and they were still together at the time of his death.

"Todavia somos novios" can mean two things: If the couple is engaged to be married, it means: We are still engaged. If they are just going out together,it means that they are still going out or still seeing each other.

If your husband has broken off the affair with the mistress then your husband should do the right thing and pay child support, but that does not mean you have to accept the child into the family. If the mistress does not want the child then it is up to you whether you want to help to raise that child. If your husband is still seeing his mistress then pack his bags and kick him out and either file for a separation or divorce.

AnswerBecause he still loves her and she does not want any other man to have her.AnswerFirst of all he doesn't have the right to be jealous to what ever his ex mistress is doing. That is why it's "ex mistress" Nor the ex mistress have rights to be jealous to what ever this married man is doing. The key is "married man" so as long as you are not the wife your role is nothing.The affair is been discovered, so married man, and "ex mistress" needs to move on. Start fresh be good people and think about how to make amends to all bad things that you two did. LIFE IS TO SHORT.

no they are still happily married and together!

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