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guys love attention, maybe not so much with the compliments because they might feel awkward. if you really like the guy and he's not dating other girls, then it's perfectly fine to go further than just kissing. and by giving him his space, after you do something a little more than kissing, it doesn't mean you can start calling 24/7. yeah, you showed that you care for him and are attracted to him, but not completely attached to him. good luck hun!

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Should you be kissing if im 12?

There is nothing wrong with it as long as it does not go further

How far should you go at 6 months?

no further than kissing o.o

Should you kiss a boy in the 5th grade?

No, You absolutely should not be kissing at such a young age. Because you need to pay attention to your school-work and if you start kissing that is just wrong.

When should you kiss?

if i was you i would do it in a more private place if it is iyour first time. dont let your friends force you into kissing somebody,you should kiss the one you love when you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are ready have a little peck on the lips and see if it goes any further. dont rush into kissing somebody it may put them of you. TAKE IT SLOW.

What to do after kissing her?

Just either talk or just do nothing.Or if u feel uncomfortable with kissing just tell her that we should wait a little while before kissing again.If you are comfortable,just smile,talk,and enjoy the moment. MUAH ;* SMOOCH

What should a man do if he is not getting attention from his girlfriend?

Dump her quick- and reap the rewards of her further attempts to garner your attentions.

What is the best kissing technique?

The best kissing technique is to kiss softly and gently. You should not slobber on the person you are kissing. You should kiss slowly.

How old should you be to read Pretty Little Liars?

I would say you should be at least thirteen to read it. There is a lot of kissing and sex in the books, as well as lesbian kissing. Also there is talk about doing bad things, some really bad.

Should you be allowed to be alone with a boy at 12?

Yeah of course, providing you aren't going to go into dangerous territory ie further than kissing.

How far should you go with your boyfriend if your 13?

Just a little dating, like going to friends and maybe some kissing.

When should you start kissing?

When you are ready to start kissing. When you feel comfortable.

What do you actually do when kissing?

kissing should be natural even ifits your first kiss

Should teenagers be french kissing?

Of course they should !

What first aid should be given patient who is having fracture?

Stabilize and immobilize the fractured bone until further medical attention is received.

Should a 12-year-old be allowed to kiss his girlfriend?

AnswerThere's kissing. Then there's kissing. Nothing wrong with kissing. Just don't go into kissing.

How old should you be before kissing?

you should be 15 years old befor kissing are older be shore to find the right gye.

My boyfriend wants to french kiss and he knows am not kean on French kissing. What should I say to him?

You should say " Hey, I don't really like the idea. So, maybe we should wait a little.

Should the word attention be capitalized in the attention line?

Yes. It should be ---- Attention: Ms. Anna Rino

How do you know if someone likes kissing you?

Ask them if they like kissing you and they should tell you straight forward.

What should you do or not do when performing first aid on a leg fracture?

The limb should be immobilised with splints. It should be moved as little as possible to reduce the chance of further injury.

Should you kiss your boyfriend when you are only in 2 months into your relationship?

it depends on what age you are. id say that 13 or 14 and up should. kissing is actually good for a relations and kissing also connects you with your partner. Kissing is also a very adult thing and relationships are very adult things so it kinda shows that your ready to be an adult in a relationship. Just dont let it get past kissing and if you try it and are not comfortable with it then DONT DO IT ANYMORE. wait a little longer and try again

How should you tell your valentine your feelings?

by kissing them

What to wear for a date?

It depends on the person you want to date with. If she or he will pay more attention on the dresses, you should wear in a little formal.

What hapens if your monsters nose is running moshi monster?

Try giving your monster a little attention, this should cheer him/her up.

What age should you start french kissing at?

I think you can french kiss at lease 13+ But it's up to your parents to say what type of kissing you should do and why.