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I would say in a somewhat short period of time, a battery, assuming its in relatively good condition, would expire with its normal and expected drain if NOT running and recharging. Today's vehicles all drain something, keeping those digital clocks and radio stations alive plus multiple computers, need to feed somehow. Getting back to the starter, very doubtful something is wrong with starter. Couldn't tell you what is a " normal " mA drain would be.

Every time I had a customer complain about his two-way radio killing the battery overnight I found his alternator undercharging the battery. use your multimeter to see if you have about 13.8 -14.2 volt charging. 16 ma drain would take 2week to affect a good battery so look at your battery if the charging circuit is ok.

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Q: After using a multi meter to check the amps on your 89 Caddy 16mA is it possible for the starter to drain power as well with the car off?
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Will a bad battery drain your starter?

Your starter is incapable of being drained. It is an electric motor. However a bad starter can drain your battery

Would a starter drain power out of a battery?

Yes, but only when you have the starter engaged

Can a starter solenoid drain a battery?

Yes, a starter solenoid can drain a battery. When a starter solenoid is not working properly it can actually keep rotating the starter after the car's ignition is turned off. Since it requires a battery to actuate the starter, the battery will eventually be drained of power.

Can a bad regulator-rectifier on a Kohler Courage Sv590 1 drain the battery and 2 keep it from starting once battery is recharged spins but won't crank?

If you have a starter that spins but doesn't engage the engine and a battery that is always dead then I would look closer at the starter then the regulator. The regulator is part of the charging system but if the rectifier is bad then it might be possible for the battery to drain flowing backwards through the charging system but highly unlikely although possible. As for it to stop the starter from engaging the engine, that is not possible.

If you remove the starter motor on a 1990 f250 will oil drain out?

no the oil will not drain out if you remove starter starter does not mount inside engine. it mountst at side of engine and intobell housing. there is no oil in there unless you have a major,major oil leak

Does a starter drain a battery?

A starter does drain a battery. The battery holds a charge so that you can use your starter to start the car. After the car is started the alternator recharges your battery and runs your car and all it's accessories. If your car won't start or is having a hard time starting you can drain your battery by repeated unsuccessful attempts to start it.

Is it possible for a drain plug on a radiator to go bad because collent is ever so lightly leaking out your drain plug or the weeping hole of the drain plug you had a pressure check done on the colli?

Yes, pull out the plug and replace a damage O'ring.

Why do the lights drain the battery on the Honda 400ex?

The head lights are the biggest long term drain on your battery. (The starter is a heavier drain, but you can't leave it on for very long.)

Can a bad starter drain a battery?

Yes, very, very, quickly. The Starter Motor has a very high operating current, that will drain even the heaviest duty battery, fairly quickly, if an engine fails to start.

You changed your alternator and starter and now your battery is not holding a charge?

Have your battery and altinator tested it is possible that one or the other was bad from the store, if they are both ok then you have a drain somewhere in your electrical system somewhere, any shop with diagnostic tools should be able to trace the drain for you.

How do you drain coollant out of a 1996 Cadillac?

Put the front end of your caddy on ramps, find the wing nut valve on the radiator on usually on the bottom or side.

How do you change the oil in a 350 warrior?

There is an oil drain plug on the bottom of the engine, that usually dosent come out. I pull my starter to drain my oil.

What is one possible reason for the clogged drain?

It could be an algae buildup in the condensate drain.

With ignition off can the starter drain the battery?

While possible, usually not. More probable is some other load remaining on. Places often missed are glove box, trunk, and engine compartment lights.

Could the starter cause the battery to drain?

no , only the concrete and other cemented floors ....

Other than the starter What other parts can drain a battery?

Anything that is on and uses electricity. You may also have a dead cell in the battery which will drain the battery.

Bought this 98 Monte Carlo and you have to jump start it every time When you charge it up it will drive but when you turn it off it wont start up Put a alternator on it check the starter its good batt?

Check your starter. The insulating bushing could be worn or damaged causing a huge drain on battery when you try to start the engine. It could also be a short with one of your lights or seat

2001 blazer leaking coolant above starter?

could be leaking from a head gasket and trickling down or your heater core is leaking and driping out of the condensation drain from inside the cab. most likely its your heater core. check the fire wall above the starter and look for that drain line. if it is dripping and is colored (green or orange) its coolant and coming from heater core. that's a bear to replace. good luck.

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What could drain the power from the battery within 24 hrs after installing a new alternator and battery?

Bad starter.. direct ground..... stero equipment IG: amplifier being improperly wired . and it is possible to have the wrong alternator or a faulty one. Bad starter.. direct ground..... stero equipment IG: amplifier being improperly wired . and it is possible to have the wrong alternator or a faulty one.

Where are the transmission oil drain and check bolts on a 2007 trx450r?

drain bolt is on the left side (clutch side) and check bolt is on the right side (engine side)

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The engine block drain plug on a 2004 Hyundai is on the bottom of the block. It is on the back, very accessible behind the starter.

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