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Blue smoke at startup, that clears up within a few minutes is normally cause by worn valve seals. Blue smoke that continues is oil burning. Black smoke is fuel burning from an overly rich fuel mixture. White smoke is normal at startup, especially during the winter, but if it does not dissipate rapidly, it can be a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber. If it is coolant, it will smell sweet, you will be loosing coolant, and this is a sign of serious trouble. Usually a blown head gasket or cracked/warped head. First is what you call smoke BLUE, BLACK, or like FOG or STEAM ??? Black smoke usually fuel Blue smoke usually oil Steam/Fog usually water or coolant Now , the big question is whats the cause? Flooding fuel injector?, Worn piston rings?, Blown head gaskets?

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Q: After you start your 1992 Chevy Cheyenne the exhaust smoke is horrible what causes this?
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