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No, only surface and mechanical waves need a medium, compressional waves can travel through space. (Such as light from the Sun).

I think light (EM) waves are the only ones that can travel through a vacuum. Sound waves require a medium.


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light waves do not need a medium. Electromagnetic Waves (EM) do not need a medium. For example visible light, radio waves, microwaves, UV light and x-rays do not. These travel @ 300 million meters/sec in a vacuum.

Waves do not need a medium all depends like u need no medium when it is electromagnetic wave.

All waves can travel from one place to another as long as they have a medium to travel through. The only waves that do not need a medium are electromagnetic waves. When using the word "transfer" though. Waves transfer energy; waves themselves are not transfered they simply travel.

Sound waves don't just travel the slowest in a vacuum, they don't travel at all. The reason is that sound waves, like all mechanical waves, need a medium to travel through.

light; all waves in the EM(electromagnetic) spectrum, including visible light, do not need a medium to travel in

No...electromagnetic waves require no medium

It is electromagnetic radiation that needs no medium to travel in. Gamma rays, light and radio waves, all forms of electromagnetic radiation, can travel through the vacuum of space very well. In fact, they prefer it.

most kinds of waves need something to travel through. Water waves, for example, travel along the surface of the water. A wave can even travel along a rope. Gases (such as air), liquids (such as water), and solids (such as rope) , all act as mediums. Waves that require a medium through which travel are called mechanical waves.Some waves do not require a medium to travel through. Light can travel and carry energy through empty space. Waves that can travel without a medium are called electromagnetic waves. :)

Sound waves are mechanical waves and all mechanical waves require a material medium for its propagation unlike electromagnectic waves

Light waves, like all electromagnetic waves, travel without a medium, so they can travel through empty space. Sound waves, on the other hand, do require a medium to travel or propagate; therefore, they can not travel through empty space.

All types of waves need a medium in order to propagate, with the exceptions of electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves.

There does not have to be a medium. Light does not require a medium. Mechanical waves require a mediumAnswer 2:Not all waves require a medium for their transmission. Mechanical waves require a medium for their transmission because it is the molecules of the medium which cause the wave to propagate. However, electromagnetic waves do NOT require a medium. (for example light)

It depends on the wave. If it is electromagnetic wave it could travel at an incredible speed 300,000 km per second even through free space But mechnical waves which need badly material medium travel at different speed depending on the wave and then medium

All travel with same speed in free space and its value is 3 x 10^8 m/s

sound waves require a medium to transfer energyFOR A+ USERS THE ANSWER IS Sound waves travel in all directionssound waves require a medium to transfer energy-- They are longitudinal waves and material medium is required for their propagation.

Not all waves require mediums to propagate.Sound waves can travel through solid, liquid and gaseous mediums, while, electromagnetic waves do not require any medium to travel through.

Waves can travel through all the three medium that are known as solid, liquid and gas. Only the speed differs.

Electromagnetic waves can travel in a vacuum because this wave is a moving magnetic and electric field. These fields do not require a medium to travel in, and they "carry" the energy of the electromagnetic wave with them. This makes the electromagnetic wave different from mechanical waves like sound.With mechanical waves, we find the source putting the energy of the wave into the medium through which it is going to travel. Electromagnetic waves carry the electromagnetic energy away from the source without a need for a medium through which to travel. The moving fields carry the energy of the wave, and a vacuum presents no obstruction to the waves at all.

Three types of mechanical waves are transverse, longitudinal, & surface waves. Mechanical waves require a material medium to travel.

All sound waves, be that ultrasound or audible sound. Likewise water waves...

Waves relying on physical movement of materials like those of sound or those sen in water require a medium. Electromagnetic (Light, radio, microwaves, etc.) and gravitational waves can travel without a medium in the vacuum of space. This allows us to see the stars and planets. Scientists originally felt there was an "ether" a mysterious material filling space two allow this transmission but this was eventually disproved.

No. Not just light waves but all forms of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) are able to travel through vacuums. e.g gamma rays, radio waves, x-rays, etc.

Any wave that requires a physical medium. Audio (sound pressure) waves, water waves, and "amber waves of grain" are all examples of waves that cannot travel through the vacuum of space.

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