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Approximately how much does it cost to put a car window back on track in a 1994 Mitsubishi Galant?


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2012-12-11 01:26:37
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I'm assuming you mean the window is off it's guide rail. And that these are power windows. Unfortunately, that item is sold from Mitsubishi w/ the motor as a one piece package ONLY. (I know, how stupid is that) and also that's on a 2000 Galant. Once the window is off the guide rail, most of the time it's not a simple matter of just getting back on the guide. The guide rail is made of plastic! And over time will deteriorate. So whole thing along w/ a new motor has to be installed. If you know a mechanic,you can save some $$$$. I got mine installed for only $75, (but that's because I knew this guy really well) Under regular conditions I believe Mitz. wants about $150.00 for the part (being a '94 maybe less) and Mitz said it would run another $150 to install. So check around.


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