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Are BS Engineering Technology students eligible for MTech Chemical engineering?

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Is computer science and engineering student is eligible to appear in Indian engineering service exam under electronics and communication engineering services category?

Is computer science and engineering student is eligible to appear in indian engineering sevice exam ??

Can you go for PG in aeronautical engineering after completing UG course in mechanical engineering?

YES U CAN DO IT after completeing BE in mechanical engineering u are eligible to do ME in AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING

What is the eligible eye power to study Aeronautical Engineering?

There is no eye power necessary to study Aeronautical Engineering, or Aerospace. Engineering is the design of the aircraft, so it is independent of eye power.

Is MSc and MTech is eligible for teaching in engineering colleges?


Is electrical and electronics engineering discipline eligible for air force common admission test?

Yes electrical and electronic engineering discipline is eligible for air force common admission test.

You are computer science engineering student Are you eligible for Indian engineering service exam?

hi my name is viji,i was completed my B.E computer science and nw doing higher study(M.E) for the same branch.If my course is eligible for Engineering service exam? plz reply me.

Are students who appear for compartments eligible for engineering in the same year of compartment?

hello sir, how student prepare thrir compartment nd back in engineering?

Ia AMIE engineers eligible for lecturer in engg college?

amie pass is eligible for lecturership in engineering college

Can degree engineering in computer science eligible for IES held by upsc?

yes .........

Can you do electrical and electronics engineering and be eligible to work in medical electronics field?


How you can register your self in Saudi engineering council?

Registering for the Saudi engineering council has several prerequisites. One has to present an eligible engineering degree along with a curriculum vitae of accomplishments. One also has to be a citizen of the middle east.

What type of education is required to be eligible for product engineering jobs?

Engineering jobs tend to require college education and degrees. Bachelor's degrees are a must for most product engineering jobs and a minimum of Masters degree is highly suggested.

Are eligible msc or mtech candidate for the post of Assistant Professor in Engineering College?


Is mechanical and automation engineering students eligible for GATE exam or not?

I don't think so..

Who are eligible to do VLSI or Embedded Systems?

Any graduate who would have studied the basics of electronics is eligible to do a course in VLSI or Embedded Systems. Any engineering graduate is eligible.

Is BE eligible for lecturer?

First Class Master's Degree in the appropriate branch ofEngineering (Engg.) / Technology (Tech.) (No minimumexperience required).ORFirst Class Bachelor's degree in the appropriate branch ofEngineering / Technology or equivalent, valid GATE score,minimum 75 percentile; to complete M.Tech / ME within 5years failing which the increments will be stopped until thepostgraduate degree is earned

You have completed 3 years diploma in mechanical engineering after completing 10 2H.S.C.are you eligible for MBA in ICFAI?


You passed your SSC exam from Gujarat and HSC exam from Maharashtra.Are you eligible to take admission in engineering colleges of Maharashtra?


Is a BE student is eligible for lecturer in engineering college?

More than a professional student, graduate who have completed the course will do better for this designation.

What qualification is required for post of lecturer in engineering college?

u need to have M.E degree in any engineering field at least. if u have experience in teaching it's well and good. is it necessary to have BE as a basic degree or MCA in enginnering discipline is eligible

Why MCA Plus MTech not given eligibility for post in engineering colleges?

i am MCA and MTECH , when i apply for engineering college , we just eligible for mca not btech class , i don't know what rule these colleges are follow according to AICTE than what is our future?

Is nios student eligible for entering iit-jee and is nios has value for entering engineering?

Yes, you are eligible. You must have 70% in class XII to give the exam of IIT-JEE

How stable are civil engineering jobs?

A lot depends on which area of civil engineering you are inquiring about. General Civil engineering jobs that cater to governmental/municipal type of projects are still in demand; especially in the Southeast. A&E Firms are being much more selective because of the present market economy. If you are eligible for your PE and don't have it yet, that should be your first priority.

What is the difference between a software engineer and a Associate software Engineer?

A Batchelor in software engineering(honours) is a 4 year programme to which one is only eligible after completing/ clearing the FSC(intermediat/ after completing the DIA(diploma of associate engineering)), where as associated software engineering is a 3 years programme which students can apply after clearing/ after passing their matriculation and is a three years aperson bearing batchelor/master... degree in software engineering is called an engineer and a diploma holder is called the associate software engineer similar for other disciplines of engineering as well

Should you do FCS or FSc pre-engineering to become a software engineer in future?

it doesnt matter what u do..even if u persue an fsc in maths and u hav secured 60% above marks u r eligible for software engineering

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