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Are Fjords ponies or horses?

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A Fjord can be a horse or a pony depending on the heigth. Over 14.2 hh it would be a horse, under it would be a pony, a majority of them are ponies because of their stature and cold-blooded influence.

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Do ponies grow into horses?

No ponies are ponies and horses are horses

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Are halflingers horses or ponies?


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They are ponies!

Are Falabella's Ponies or Horses?

they are horses but most people think they are ponies

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No I am a rider and ponies are not baby horses.

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All horses AND ponies are herbivores.

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There are over 100 breeds of horses and ponies in the world.

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Horses and ponies are the exact same species, the only difference is the height requirements.

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Arabian horses are some of the most beautiful horses on earth. these horses are thorough breads and very expensive.they are somtimes horses somtimes ponies it depends how tall they are

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a head.