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California requires a license plate on the front and back of the car. You have to remove your plates from Germany.

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Q: Are Germany licenses plates illegal in California if you have it on the front of your car?
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Are vertical side mount license plates on motorcycles illegal in Michigan?

Side mount license plates are illegal to have on motorcycles in the state of Michigan. The plates must be mounted horizontally on the fender.

What two plates meet in California?

The Pacific and North American Plates.

Where are California license plates made?

California Department of Prisons.

What plates are sliding past each other in California?

im california and we use plasttic plates from the dollar store! :o

Can you run the Sunpass with paper plates and not get a ticket?

NO. It's illegal. You need the real metal plates.

If you sell a used car in California do you keep the license plates or do the plates stay with the car?

When you sell a used car in California the plates stay on the car. After selling aÊused vehicle in California a title transfer needs to be done.

Which two plates run through California?

The Pacific and North American Plates.

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Is it illegal to remove license plates from cars as a prank?

Yes, it is.

What do California license plates look like?

California license plates come in a few different styles. The most popular plate is white with the word California in red cursive lettering.

How many license plates in California?


Who pays fine for expired license plates in Indiana?

The owner of the car must pay for the license plates fines. It is illegal to drive with expired license plates.

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Are homemade l plates illegal?

Going from the fact that people do homemade license plates on trailers - I'd say yes.

How many license plates does your car need in California?

I'm pretty sure number plates are displayed on both the front and rear in California, so two.

Is it illegal to have German number plates on a British registered car?


Does California require two license plates?


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Where in California can private number plates be obtained?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is the only legal place to obtain private plates for your vehicle. You can order the plates online, through the mail or from one of their field offices. They have over two dozen offices all over the state of California.

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