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Are Japanese coins worth anything?

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They're worth at least their face value. To get the value on collectible Japanese coins, you have to be more specific with regard to year, markings, etc.

2009-11-30 03:16:20
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Q: Are Japanese coins worth anything?
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Dollar coins are worth... ready?... $1.00

Are 1964 JFK coins worth anything?

Most of the coins are valued for the silver at about $6.25

Are 1971 jfk coins worth anything?

Not much, they are worth their face value

Are one dollar coins worth anything?

yeah there worth 1 dollar in America

Are Missouri sales tax receipt coins worth anything?


How much is Japanese money worth?

I have pre world war Japanese dollars in $100,$10, and $5. Are they are worth anything? or how do I find out the worth?

Are Mexico coins from1971 worth anything?

Only for numismatic purposes.

The Japanese government five centavos is this worth anything?

not us history

How much is a 37 coin complete solid bronze collector's set of Franklin Mint presidential coins worth?

Anything from the Franklin mint is overpriced and not worth nearly as much as their sales prices. The only coins from Franklin worth anything are those made with silver.

What is a republica de Guatemala 1991 worth if anything?

Yes, the coins are worth something. Many of the coins are valued in price close to $3 each depending upon their condition.

If you have Franklin mint coins of all nations is it worth anything?

I have 4 volumes of coins of all nations, with stamps that we purchased some 15-20 years ago. What is their worth.

Dime from 1902 is it worth anything?

Retail values are $2.00-$6.00 for average coins

How much are the bi centennial coins worth?

Hardly anything above their face value.

Are replica coins worth anything?

Replica coins are generally not worth much more than the metal they're made from. That said, some replica coins are intentionally made using precious metals so they can be sold as collectibles, and these can be worth at least their melt value.

How much are the red coins worth on Temple Run?

The yellow coins are worth 1, the red coins are worth 2, and the blue coins are worth 3.

How much is a 1974 coins is worth?

Circulated U.S. coins made in 1974 are not worth anything more than face value. The only ones that are worth a premium are uncirculated or proof issues sold by the Mint to collectors.

Where can you sell your 1776-1976 coins?

Bicentennial coins are common and not worth anything above face value. Go ahead and spend them.

Are old coins from countries and or islands that dont exist anymore worth anything?

Yes, there are some old coins that are worth a lot of money from countries or islands that don't exist anymore. A coin dealer can check out the coins and give you a price for them.

How much is a sunoco 1968 antique car brass coin set worth?

the coins is not worth anything but it is a good investment in the futer

What is the name of the Japanese coins?

The Japanese yen

How much are Japanese coins worth?

This is a VERY broad question ranging from less than one cent (1 yen circulation coins) to several thousand dollars (early, top-grade coins) without a year and denomination it is impossible to say how much it would be worth.

What do Japanese coins look like?

Japanese coins look similar to pennies and quarters in the United States, although some of the coins have holes in the center of them. You can view Japanese coins online at Numista online or at eCoin online.

What if anything are Liberty nickels worth?

They can be worth a good bit of money but it depends on the date and condition of the coins and mintmarks. Post new question

A 1929 one cent penny is it worth anything?

Coins in average circulated condition are valued at 3 to 10 cents. Uncirculated coins can be $5.00 or more

What is the value of a Japanese one centavos coin?

These Japanese invasion currency coins were issued for use in the Philippines, and were quite plentiful. In circulated condition it's worth a dollar or two.