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You can be asked for it at any time, and you can be ticketed, fine or jailed for not having it. Each state can vary slightly, and a lot can depend on the cop you get. But the general idea is that you keep a copy in your car and a copy on you. That way if you loan your car to someone they can show proof that the car is insured. Check your local state for more specifics, but in my opinion yes.

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Why did Jews carry identification?

Yes they had a laminated I.D card with his or her Social Security #, Drivers Licenes, and Proof of Insurance.

Can I keep my auto insurance when I move?

If you are in the process of moving within the state, you will be allowed to keep your auto insurance. While you can keep the same insurance policy within the state you will be required to change your address which can affect your rates depending on the claims reported in your zip code. If you are moving out of state, you will be required to change insurance to a policy that is rated in the new state. DMV and financial responsibility laws require drivers to carry insurance in the state in which they are a legal resident. When you register your vehicle in the state you will be required to show proof of insurance in that state and you will also be required to carry at least the state minimums in liability insurance coverage.

Can you drive a car if you don't have insurance but the car does you have a License?

All drivers are required by law to carry proof of Financial Responsibility. So if you are an insured driver under the terms of the Auto Insurance Contract then you are covered to drive it. If you are not an insured under the terms of that policy then you are not covered. Remember, Vehicles do not drive themselves and vehicles do not carry insurance, People do. Auto Insurance Is to cover the losses and legal liabilities of the Insured.

What is the law on auto liability insurance in Tennessee?

Tennessee requires "Proof of Financial Responsibility" which can be satisfied by liability insurance with minimums of 25/50/10. Otherwise, a bond or other assurance of ability to pay damages is required. Proof is not required at the time of vehicle registration, but penalties are incurred if proof is not provided at the time of an accident. Proof is required regardless of fault, so all parties must provide it. Most drivers opt for insurance.

If you do not own a car but have a driver's license do you need car insurance?

All Drivers are required to carry proof of financial responsibility while operating a motor vehicle on public roads. regardless of whether you own the veihcle or not. Most drivers who do not own a vehicle, but do drive, obtain Nonowners Auto liability insurance in orde rto maintain compliance with the law.

What are the requirements to get a NC drivers license?

Proof of age and identityProof of social securityProof of residencyProof of liability insurance

Drivers Must Have Proof?

Missouri drivers can get great car insurance rates if they look online or call one of the local companies. The average car insurance premiums in Missouri are $1, 149. This is below the average of other states in the country. One of the only months that rates are higher in the state is October. The rest of the year, drivers see lower rates on their insurance. Missouri is under a Tort system when it comes to who pays the medical expenses after a car accident. Someone in the car accident has to be found to be at fault so that one of the insurance companies can pay the premium. A minimum coverage of $25,000 for one person in the event of an auto accident is required by the state. Drivers can get a higher coverage if they want to do so. A maximum of $50,000 is awarded for each person involved in the accident to pay medical expenses if there are any to pay. There are smaller insurance premiums that can be purchased in the state. Missouri requires that all drivers carry liability coverage, but they are not required to have collision or comprehensive unless they are buying a vehicle. Drivers who do not have insurance and are in an accident cause the rates of other drivers to increase. The numbers of insurance claims that remain unpaid are climbing due to more drivers thinking they can get by with no insurance. Drivers are required to provide proof of insurance before they can get the tag on their car renewed or when they register a vehicle. If they cannot provide this information, they will not get the vehicle registered. If you drive in the state of Missouri, you must have proof of your insurance in your car. Not only must you have proof of the insurance, it has to be an updated copy that has a current date. Not providing this information if a driver gets stopped could result in a ticket. Drivers who are in an accident and do not have insurance will be turned over to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

How do you find out who you had automobile insurance with in the past?

Look through your canceled checks, of if someone else paid for your insurance, ask him. In most states you are required to carry proof of insurance with you, but apparently you do not have your old insurance card, or you could simply look at it.

Does your proof of insurance that you carry in your car have to be the original or can it be a copy of the original?

Your insurance company will give you a insurance card with all of the information needed for proof of insurance. Show that to whoever is interested.

Do you need to carry proof of insurance in your vehicle?

yes you do its the law

Do I need car insurance in Nebraska?

In most states including Nebraska, proof of insurance is needed to get drivers license. They will also require proof of legal ownership.

I got a ticket for having no proof of insurance if i go to court with insurance will my ticket get droped?

The ticket will only get dropped if you have proof that you HAD insurance at the time of the ticket had been issued. You may get the ticket fine lowered with proof that you now have the required insurance.

Do you need auto insurance while driving a car you just repossessed are there any penal codes that state that you don't or do?

State laws vary, but generally any driver is required by state statute to have auto insurance and to carry proof of such insurance.

Do you need car insurance to get your drivers license?

In VA you must provide proof of insurance before you get your license if you own a vehicle

Can you get a no insurance ticket for car if your drivers license is insured?

You can't insure a driver's license. The ticket would have been issued to whoever was driving at the time the police issued it. If you had no proof of insurance with you - and that is required in most states - then you can be ticket for not having it with you.

Know the Insurance Requirements in Dallas?

Drivers who want to stay legal on Dallas roadways today should take time to learn more about local auto insurance requirements. All Dallas drivers are required by Texas state law to maintain a minimum level of auto insurance coverage. More than that, they are required to carry proof of insurance coverage with them at all times. Learning more about minimum insurance requirements today can help you maintain your status as a legal driver on Dallas roads.Minimum Insurance RequirementsAll drivers in Dallas as well as across the state of Texas are required by law to maintain an insurance policy that provides 30/60/25 liability coverage. This is coverage that is used to pay for expenses to another driver involved in an accident, and not to repair your own car. These coverages are used to pay for vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and property damage that you caused iothers to incur n an accident. Many drivers opt to buy additional coverage that covers their own vehicle repairs and medical costs after an accident, but this coverage is not required by law.When You Might Be Asked for Proof of InsuranceYou may think that if you are a safe driver and don't get in an accident, you don't need to purchase auto insurance. The fact is that drivers in Dallas are asked to show proof of insurance on many different occasions. They will be required to show adequate coverage when registering and renewing registration on their vehicle annually, when getting their annual car inspection, and when they are pulled over for speeding or other traffic violations. Proof of insurance will also be required if you do get in an accident. There are many consequences a driver in Dallas could face by not presenting proof of insurance that meets state requirements. This includes a monetary fine, jail time, or the suspension of a driver's license. Consequences become more severe with multiple infractions as well as if you have an accident while uninsured.The fact is that because state law requires Dallas drivers to maintain a minimum level of auto insurance, this is a required cost of driving. You can shop around for low auto insurance rates online to find a great deal on your coverage.

Do you need car insurance in order to receive your license in Ohio?

By Ohio Law, you are required to carry car insurance on a vehicle that is title in your name. In addition, to operate a vehicle in Ohio, you must be able to show proof of financial responsibility. However, when you receive your license, they do not require you to furnish proof of insurance or other financial responsibility at that time.

Why is auto insurance mandatory?

Driving is considered a privilege and not a right. Because it is a privilege drivers are required to prove they are financially responsible. Mandatory auto insurance is proof that drivers are financially responsible to cover damages or injuries in the event of an accident. Because most drivers cannot reasonably pay for the cost of repairs and medical bills they cause in an at fault accident, states require auto insurance to protect both third party drivers and the policyholder.

If you're pulled over for breaking a traffic law what form of identification must you provide?

You must present a drivers license and proof of vehicle insurance. The officer might ask for more but that is what is required.

How do I resolve a proof of insurance fix-it-ticket in California?

You have to provide proof that you had insurance at the time and date of the ticket or pay the fine for not having coverage as required by law.

Can you just buy sr22 insurance without having a car?

An sr22 is not insurance. It's a state required form providing proof of auto insurance coverage for drivers with certain offenses. You might consider a non owners auto insurance policy with an sr22 filing to meet your requirements if you don't own a car.

What are auto insurance statutory fees?

Auto insurance statutory fees are imposed to individuals who are caught driving without insurance. Because every state except New Hampshire requires drivers to carry continuous auto insurance to operate a motor vehicle, drivers caught driving without insurance will be required to pay statutory fees to reinstate their license and vehicle registration. In addition to this, some uninsured motorists will be required to provide an SR-22 (Proof of Financial Responsibility) so that the state governing officials are notified if their insurance lapses again. Statutory fees vary in each state, however most are around $500 and must be paid before registration and licenses are reinstated.

What is a non owner's auto insurance policy?

A non owner's automobile insurance policy is a policy for a person who is required to carry insurance due to licensing but who does not own a vehicle. We deal with this occasionally when a person is trying to reinstate their drivers license which was revoked due to the person not obeying the insurance requirement laws so the department of motor vehicles requires them to provide proof that they have auto insurance even if they do not own a vehicle. This is usually the result of several tickets for driving without insurance that caused their license to be suspended.

Can you buy a car with temporary drivers license?

Yes you can buy a car with a temporary drivers license. You have to be able to get your car insured and show proof of insurance.

What kind of rental insurance is required in Texas when renting a car?

In Texas, when you are renting a car, it is required that you have both auto insurance, and home owner's insurance. If you submit proof of both, there is no problem with the car rental.