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Tennessee requires "Proof of Financial Responsibility" which can be satisfied by liability insurance with minimums of 25/50/10. Otherwise, a bond or other assurance of ability to pay damages is required. Proof is not required at the time of vehicle registration, but penalties are incurred if proof is not provided at the time of an accident. Proof is required regardless of fault, so all parties must provide it. Most drivers opt for insurance.

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Q: What is the law on auto liability insurance in Tennessee?
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Is auto insurance required in the state of PA?

Auto insurance is a state law requirement in PA. You are only required to carry liability insurance.

What does auto liability insurance cover?

Auto liability insurance is specifically designed to cover any damage caused to other vehicles if you have an accident. It does not cover reapirs to your own vehicle. It is by law the minimum requirement for insurance in every state.

What if you don't have insurance?

If the law requires you to have insurance (Auto Liability) or someone else does (your mortgage company, your auto lender) you could be in hot water if you don't have it. Otherwise, you don't have to have insurance.

Auto insurance liability?

Most of the auto insurance packages come with liability insurance included, since it is usually required by the law. The main purpose of the liability insurance is to provide compensation in case of an accident. In order to make things clearer for you, when you, for example, are involved in a car crash and you have liability insurance in place, the insurance company will pay compensation to the other side. You can also check out my related links for more information and examples.

What are the requirements for PA auto insurance?

In PA you are required to carry at least liability coverage. This is the law in most states.

What happens if a person cant get auto insurance?

In many or most states not having liability is against the law. No insurance and you drive illegally, or you do not drive at all.

What does the law requiring mandatory car insurance state?

The law requiring mandatory car insurance states that individuals and businesses are required by law to possess valid auto mobile insurance designed to cover the risk of financial liability in the event of an accident.

What are the minimum amounts of liability insurance?

I assume you are referring to auto liability insurance. Each state legislature sets there own minimum limits. The requirement is by law and not made by the insurance companies themselves. Be very careful carrying the minimum state required liability insurance because you are responsible for anything over your coverage limits. At least be educated about what the liability coverage you have means.

What has the author Gordon Hilliker written?

Gordon Hilliker has written: 'Insurance bad faith' -- subject(s): Tort liability of insurance companies, Bad faith (Law) 'Liability Insurance Law in Canada' -- subject(s): Insurance, Liability, canada, Liability Insurance

Does one need to carry liability car insurance in Ohio?

Yes in the state of Ohio you need to have insurance on your auto the min you may have is $12,500 per person on bodily injury coverage. Ohio law you must on any auto have insurance and there is a min coverage law set by the state of Ohio.

What type of auto insurance do you need?

You must purchase the minimum state liability limits required by law. Anything else is optional.

If you are involved in an accident and have auto liability insurance and the other driver does not what are your rights?

Liability insurance for drivers is a requirement in the state of Mississippi. The other party involved in this accident does not have insurance. I do have liability insurance. The accident was not reported although law enforcement was called and an accident report was completed. The other party now wants me to fix her automobile. What are my rights in this situation?

What auto insurance is required in the United States of America?

Auto insurance laws in the United States vary by state. The majority of states require that you have a minimum amount of liability insurance. This insurance covers third party injuries and property damage when you are found at fault for an auto accident. The only states that do not have some sort of minimum insurance law is New Hampshire and Wisconsin. In addition to liability coverage some states require PIP insurance and uninsured motorist insurance as well.

What's the law in Georgia about drivers having auto insurance?

The Law in Georgia about drivers having auto insurance is no different to any other state,you must have auto insurance if you drive a car.

What has the author Pamela J Brooks written?

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What has the author Rowland H Long written?

Rowland H. Long has written: 'The law of liability insurance' -- subject(s): Insurance, Liability, Liability Insurance 'The physician and the law' -- subject(s): Medical jurisprudence, Medical laws and legislation

What does insurance law deal with?

This branch as law deals with property, life, and liability insurance; fire and automobile insurance forms; and the regulation of insurance companies' policies and practices.

Can liability insurance be stacked from daughter's auto policy to parents' when she is a minor and they are still financially responsible for her?

If your daughter has her own auto policy, is driving your car, and is involved in an accident, yes, the liability can be some cases. Each state law is different so call your agent or your auto claims department. 4lifeguild

What is the minimum amount of auto insurance required by law on a financed vehicle in Ohio?

All states have regulated the minimum required Liability Limits of Auto Insurance within that state. Your lienholders Finance Contract that you signed will determine the amount of your property insurance coverage required to protect their interest in your financed vehicle.

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Know Your State Auto Insurance Law When Shopping?

When you shop for car insurance, know about your state's auto insurance laws. Find out whether your state operates on a no-fault or tort system, which will determine how your claims progress and are processed and whether things like liability coverage will be used in a standard claim. You should also find out about your state's minimum requirements for car insurance. Knowing the law is important, because you can get a better handle on what you need to buy and why your insurance rate is priced where it is after reading about the factors that affect auto insurance in your state.

Do I need to purchase auto insurance if I live in PA?

Yes, you are required by law to have auto insurance in the state of Pennsylvannia.

What law provided accident insurance for workers?

Employee Liability Act

What has the author Paul A Buse written?

Paul A. Buse has written: 'Law enforcement officials liability insurance' -- subject(s): Police liability Insurance

What is assigned risk auto insurance used for?

Assigned risk auto insurance is used to cover those drivers that would normally be denied coverage by most insurance companies. They get this form of auto insurance because of State law requiring them to be covered by auto insurance.

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