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No, they do differ among engines. They are generally easy enough to find. Kind of like where there is smoke there is fire! Find the drive belts, you'll find the pump.

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Q: Are all power steering pumps located in the same area?
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Where do you put the power steering fluid?

The measurement stick should clearly have "Power Steering" marked on it and should be located in the general area of your PS pump. The pump can be located in different places for different engines and years. Look for a T-handle marked "Power Steering."

Where is the Power Steering Fluid go in a 95 Ford Contour?

The power steering reservoir is located under the hood in this application. The power steering reservoir will be marked with a removable cap having the symbol of a steering wheel on it. It will be accessible directly from the top of the engine area without any special tools necessary to check the fill level.

How do you change the power steering belt on a n15 Nissan Pulsar?

The power steering belt on the n15 Nissan Pulsar is located between the passenger cab and the engine. This is a difficult area to work on at home. It may be best to see a professional as exposure of the area is difficult to achieve.

How do you add power steering fluid to a 2000 Monte Carlo?

The Power Steering unit is located under the alt. Make sure the engine is cold. Very tight area. I connected a rubber hose to the bottom of my funnel.

What is the common repair or area to look at for power steering leaks on a 92 Grand Prix se?

Power steering hoses Pump Steering rack

Where is the power steering reservoir in a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

This is located in the area just behind the serpentine belt and just to the left of the air cleaner housing.

Where is the horn located on EF XR6 Falcon?

the dotted area on the steering wheel.

Does front wheel or axle area make noise when it needs steering fluid?

no your steering will just become very heavy and you will loose all of your power steering

Why is there a noise in 2002 Tahoe steering?

most of them are on a recall from gm,, they did mine twice, then it was still there, all they do is pop the steering wheel off and grease down the tube. my noise came back , and after having the powersteering pump take a dump, and i replaced it , wah la , the noise is now gone,,, so i believe the noise has alway's been with the faulty power steering pumps and not the column area...

How do you know your car needs power steering fluid?

Notchy feel when turning the steering wheel Noise from the pump area when wheels are turned Possible stiffness when turning steering wheel.

Where natural gas is located and how we recover it?

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Where is the OBD II diagnostic plug located on a 2007 ford galaxy?

Most are located under dash/steering column area drivers side

Where do you add steering fluid on a 2004 Chevy cavalier?

On the right center area when the hood is open, there is a fluid cap with what looks to be a steering wheel on it. That is where you add the Power Steering fluid. Check your Owners/Operators Manual for a picture of it.

Where is the inertia switch located in a 1989 Ford F250 pickup?

It is located on drivers side kick panel down by the fuse box under steering wheel area.

Where is the turn indicator flasher located on a 1998 ford explorer?

Flasher relay is located, Front seating area, driver side, behind dash, mounted on steering column.

Where is the power steering pump on a 1999 Ford Festiva trio s 5 speed manual?

When you open the bonnet, it is located at the left front area of the car. It is just beneath the air intake duct for the engine, beside the oil dipstick.

Where is the blinker fuse located on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird?

its either under the hood or under the steering wheel area next to the hood lever.

Where is the flasher located in a 1996 Chrysler Cirrus?


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They rose to power to provide stability to the area they were located in after a period of turmoil, or after a revolution.

Where is the oil pressure sensor located on 1995 Mercury Sable V6 3.8 engine?

It is located down low on the drivers side, front of engine, below the power steering bracket.

Where is signal relay located on 1997 Ford Mustang?

On a lot of fords the emergency flasher relay flasher is located under the dash to the right of the steering column and sometimes they are far into the dash in that area.

Where is the brake booster located on a 1969 Chevy C60 truck?

I am not sure about a 69 C60 but I am guessing it is not in the standard area, if that is the case, my motor home has it on the power steering pump... as I recall, 69 Chevy c60 booster is behind driver side step to get in truck

How do you Replace a tensioner on a 3.8 v6 on a 98 Chrysler minivan.?

The tensioner is spring loaded. To remove it is not the easiest of jobs. It is held on by a single 15mm nut. The easiest way to get to it is from under the car. It is located near the power steering pump it is the only nut in that area.

Where is the fuse box 89 dodge ram charger located?

Under the dash on the left side. It is just above the area below the steering wheel.

Where in neutral safety switch on a 1962 Ford Falcon?

If memory serves me right, it is located above the drivers foot area on top of the steering column.