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Hey there, as far as i know they wont interbreed. All i have to say is make sure u have cover glasses coz those buggers can crawl out of ur tank pretty fast hahaha. :o) Catch mate.

a shell

Apple snails and mystery snails are different. Apple snails get to be softball size while mystery snails stay smaller. I have an apple snail and an ivory mystery snail, my ivory is a female and I just saw the apple snail mating with her. She has just previously laid two clutches of eggs from my blue mystery snail that has just recently died and the eggs have not hatched yet so I am curious to see if the apple snail will fertilize her or not. I have tried to do research to see if they can even breed or not and have not found anything useful.
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Will Mystery Snails and Apple Snails kept in the same tank cross-breed?

Technically speaking, there cannot be actual cross-breeding between mystery snails and apple snails. This is because mystery snails are a type of apple snail. Regardless, they should be able to breed with each other.

Will golden mystery snails mate with black mystery snails?

Yes, of course all mystery snails mate with each other. it does not matter what color you have

What do snails do with other snails?

they play with each other

How do snails make babies?

when 2 snails love each other very much... when 2 snails love each other very much...

What is the flavor of the Stribe Mystery gum?

the Stribe mystery gum flavor is....... each one is different. some are apple some are green apple.

What is the difference between land snails and pond snails?

Snails that live in the pond don't really interact with other snails,but snails that live on land live with each other very well

Do snails kill other snails?

Yes Snails can eat each other, especially in captivity if there are smaller snails and they aren't fed a varied diet with all the nutrients they need.

How are the snails and slugs different from each other?

snails have shells slugs don't it is obvious

How do mud snails communicate with each other?

snails use there attenas to communicate with ona another

Do snails work together in a community?

no. they do not rely on each other like ants. THESE ARE SNAILS, PEOPLE!

Can snails live with other snails?

Yes it is possible for snails to live with each other. But if your snails start to attack or try to eat(possibly) or are just not getting along, separate them at once. hope I answered ur qst! xx

How do wombat and snails benefit each other?

They benefit each other because the snail eats the wombats waste

What factors causes snails and hydrilla to depend on each other?

Snails depend on Hydrillas for food and oxygen while Hydrillas depend on snails for carbon dioxide

How do you tell snails from each other?

by the shape of the shell and the color of the shell.

Can snails eat each other?

I am sure they can. But they most likely don't.

When and how do snails lay eggs?

Snails are hermaphrodites and so when they mate, they each fertilize eggs in the other, and and so both of them will deliver eggs.

What do apples have to do with vampires?

Apple and vampire have nothing to do with each other. Since on the first cover of the Twilight book is an apple, everybody thinks they have something to do with each other. The truth is they have nothing to do with each other. Edward just gave Bella a whiplash with an apple. That's it.

How much to feed snails?

Just a feww?? just give them there vegetables,, snails are vegetarians. they don't eat meat. so give them that then the next day give them the same thing. And if you forget to feed the snails,, the snails will eat each other.

Do snails communicate with each other?

probably maybe that's what their antennas are for, for communicating and seeing.

Can tadpoles live with snails?

yea i guess, the will mostly leave each other alone.

How are land snail and pond snail different and why?

is pond snail different from land snail and why?hi--) pond snails live in water and they cant talk to each other where else, land snails live on land and can interrupt with each other.........

What is the snail color?

GARDEN SNAILS: garden snails have brown and white shells, each snail with a unique pattern. Their skin itself (you know, the colour of their body) is light brown. WATER SNAILS: Well, I only take care of Mystery Snails so I'll tell you their colour. They have bright, golden shells and purple flesh. At least the kind I have does.

How do cone snails communicate to other cone snails?

they do not communicate with each other. they will eat the other cone snail. they just use siphon to track the unlucky target down. this answer is correct. i am only 9 years old.

Why do snails go on top of each other?

One snail goes on top of another when they are mating.

Are snails territorial?

Apparently they are! Some can be very territorial and would "fight" each other for food, mates or a piece of land! If one snail broke into another snails territory they would kill each other! I just learned my interesting fact for today!

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